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Working alongside Junior Product Executive, Amy, Product Executive Fiona is at the heart of what we do at Having worked in the sales side of travel for much of her career, here she talks about getting the opportunity to experience and excel at a different side of the industry in her career and experiences so far at…

How would you describe your role?

Amy and I work closely together. We are the main point of call for the spa destinations that we work with at, and we also help the team to get the information that they need from the spas to best serve and advise all our customers. We’re the middle point for everyone, liaising with customer services and sales, marketing, advising venues and working with spas to help create and list their beautiful spa packages, making sure they’re offering experiences that work and that people want.

Tell us about your career journey to date…

I originally worked at Thomas Cook and then I went to America for a couple of summers, working at a camp before doing some travelling. We would travel for a month and then work for three months - it was great fun. When I came back to the UK in 2017 I got a job in the sales team at, first in UK sales and then in the international team.

At that point I started to think I wanted to do something a little different to sales, and I started looking for other things. It was a week before I was due to leave and an opportunity came up to join the product team. It was an experience that I really wanted to take, and I loved being at, so when they asked me to interview for it, I jumped at the opportunity.

In so many ways it is a completely different career path to the one I was on before, and one that probably wouldn’t have been open to me if I had applied to another company without that particular experience. So I love that it’s a chance I have been given here and so far I have really been enjoying the opportunity.

What do you enjoy about your career at

There’s something different to look forward to every day, and I really enjoy the variety. I did travel and tourism at college from the age of 16 and I loved it from the start. I was a nerd about it and found it amazing learning and understanding different destinations and cultures, so always knew it was an industry I wanted to work in. However, the product team brings a completely different way of looking at the industry. It allows you to engage with suppliers and be a part of shaping the products that customers want.


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