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Celebrity Spotlight: Jessica Ennis-Hill visits Ragdale Hall

This year all fans of the Olympic superstar, Jessica Ennis-Hill, have joined her in wholehearted joy to see her become a first time mum.  In the lead up to the birth of baby Reggie however, she took a little time out to relax and pamper the prenatal way at the glorious Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire…

First Impressions

My first thought on arrival is that the house is absolutely stunning and the staff are extremely welcoming.

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The Hotel

Again, the beauty of the house is a key feature and the grounds are a gorgeous place to spend time, especially in the summer.

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The Spa and Treatment

Naturally, the spa is extremely relaxing but it also has a lot to offer in terms of facilities and different areas to unwind, as well as offering an extremely wide range of lovely treatments to choose from.

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The Restaurant

The restaurant offers great variety of healthy food for lunch and dinner, but for breakfast you can have the added luxury of breakfast in bed if you want!

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The Location

As I have said, the location is just beautiful. You feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere and you can switch off from everything.

The Verdict

Put simply, Ragdale Hall makes for a beautiful luxury spa getaway.

Top Tips

  • For visiting this venue as a mum-to-be take advantage of as many pregnancy friendly treatments as possible (ideally three, but however many appeal to you)!  They will leave you feeling totally relaxed and re-energised.

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