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Discover the bath hut experiences at the Forest Spa at Middleton Lodge

Inspired by forest bathing, relax and completely connect to nature with a bathing ritual.

The Forest Spa at Middleton Lodge is a beautiful spa in Yorkshire that’s been making waves since it opened less than a year ago. With sustainability at its heart the Forest Spa is ‘a place that helps you bring a fundamental sense of you into focus, nurturing and awakening you into your intrinsic, earthy, sensual nature.” Amongst its many unique offerings, its bath hut experiences are a self-administered treatment you won’t find anywhere else. Created for the ultimate pamper and relaxation, you’ll enter a quaint ‘bath hut’ with tin tub and log-burning stove for a relaxing treatment like no other. Here, Spa Manager, Amy, explains what you need to know.

What is a bath hut experience?

A bath hut experience is a self-applied treatment for guests, set within a private hut within our grounds. There are two options to choose from:

First there’s the VOYA seaweed bath using organic seaweed harvested from the west coast of Ireland. Enter the hut to find a pre-run bath, and a therapist will explain what to do. There's a guided meditation which will talk you through a series of breathing techniques as you bathe, a body brush so you can remove dead skin cells and get circulation going before you step into the water, and water and books laid out for you to enjoy. The seaweed releases ingredients into the water that are extremely nourishing for the skin, so when you emerge you feel newly hydrated. To seal in the moisture there’s a body lotion waiting to be applied if you want it. Then, afterwards you’re led to our relaxation area where herbal tea, water, a protein snack and frozen fruit awaits.

We also have the beautiful Aromatherapy Associates experience, which is unique to the Forest Spa. You can choose between the Rose or Forest Therapy scents. The rose has rose and geranium essential oils which are wonderful for hormone balance and general relaxation, whereas the Forest Spa therapy option contains pine, tea tree and cedar essential oils which are noted for their detox properties.

Both journeys are the same - you’re shown in by a therapist who softly explains the ritual process to you. The oils you’ve chosen are there for you to inhale, before applying it to your neck and upper body.Next, the bath is filled with water, dried flowers and herbs, so you can soak and relax, listening to gentle music. Afterwards there’s a body lotion to apply and again you’re invited to the relaxation area afterwards to continue the relaxation with a warm drink and homemade snack.

This is a 60-minute treatment.

What was the idea behind the bath hut experiences?

Our creative director, Rebecca Tappin was inspired by the concept of Forest Bathing when designing the spa, the bath hut experiences creating a place to restore the mind and body, and completely connect to nature throughout the seasons. They even have small log burning stoves for the cooler months, which are warm and inviting. It’s also a wonderful experience for guests who wouldn’t like a massage or body treatment.

Who is the bathing ritual recommended for and why?

The team and I suggest the VOYA bathing ritual for those looking to restore and nurture their mind and body. It's restorative, so it’s brilliant for those looking to repair their muscles or for people who are constantly on the go and in need of some rest. It’s not available for residents with iodine allergies or who are pregnant.

We suggest the Aromatherapy Associates ritual for those craving some relaxation time. It's a wonderful way of relaxing in the bath hut with peace and the beautiful Aromatherapy scents. The Rose ritual is soothing and can be helpful for certain hormone issues (please ask us directly) and you can add our Rose Indulgence treatment for an extra pamper. The benefits of the Forest Therapy Aromatherapy Associates ritual are the cleansing and restorative effects that this has - it’s very popular.

What makes the bath hut experiences unique?

I think it’s the concept, design and surroundings.

All of our massages and rituals take place in the treatment huts - of which there are four - then there are the two bathing huts. Tucked away in the ancient woodland, only those having a treatment can see them. They’re hidden and enchanting amongst the ancient woodland. Wild herbs, flowers, lavender and rosemary have been planted all around the pathways for their scents and wellbeing properties; we use these in the treatments, and once dried you can also add them to your bathing experience - they're beautiful.

When you walk into the bathing hut, they’re cosy and warm (the little log burning stoves add a relaxing glow). They’re different and relaxing, unlike anything anywhere I have been. There’s a botanical feel, it’s very natural and really does take you back to nature - you feel away from it all and are given time to focus on restoring your mind.

Being able to choose between the scents and experiences you’re looking for, which makes it very special.

What's the best way to make the most of the bathing rituals?

I would suggest booking our Day Retreat spa package so you can really relax and enjoy our unique spa. You’re encouraged to slow down here with the heated outdoor pool, sauna, plunge pool, thermal spa and steam room, outdoor sheltered hot tub and the pool house with its comfy sofas, puffed pillows and fur throws. The views of the pool and a large log burning stove are particularly special.

Each spa package has been carefully created with the experience in mind and the Day Retreat includes a full day at the spa with a two hour treatment, bathing ritual and lunch at the pool house. The spa menu is balanced, nourishing and delicious.

We also like to encourage our guests to get in touch and let us know what they’re looking for before their visit. Whether they’re looking to relax, restore or feel energised, all of these things help us to ensure you make the most of your experience.

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