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Five ways to feel your best this Christmas and New Year

Celebrations are all the better when you feel good as well, and this year, perhaps more than ever, feel-good-factor is something we could all use. So we thought we would ask the experts in feeling great - the team at Grayshott Spa. What they don’t know about feeling good isn’t worth knowing. Here are their tips for having fun and feeling good over Christmas and New Year.

When it comes to the many temptations of Christmas cheer. Drinks parties (whether it’s a party of six or 60), rich foods, big tins of chocolates and mountains of cake. However, there is a way to do it in balance and include the things that make you feel well as well.

Never go to a Christmas buffet or New Year drinks party hungry

You’re far more likely to overeat if you fo to a party hungry. Equally, drinking on an empty stomach triggers a sharp insulin response, making you more prone to storing all those nibbles you eat.

Have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have

This one, you’ve probably heard before. However, it’s not a bad rule to be reminded of. Neither is it limited to Christmas and New Year.

Don’t leave Christmas cake on display

… Or for that matter, the  mince pies, bowls of roasted nuts and sweets. It’s too easy to unconsciously pick  without really taking time to enjoy what you’re eating. If you want these seasonal treats, have some! However, it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating and only eat them if you’re actually hungry.

Keep up your healthy habits at Christmas and New Year

Just because it’s time to celebrate doesn’t mean you need abandon all your normal healthy practices. Keep up the exercise, get your daily veggies in and if you’re having sweets, have them after eating something healthy to stop your blood sugar going crazy and causing you to overeat.

Try high intensity interval training

If you can, try and do some high intensity interval training on Christmas/New Year morning. It only takes 20 minutes to rev up the body for hours afterwards, so you’ll burn off those extra Christmas calories so you can enjoy your day to the full.


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