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Gomersal Park Hotel and Dream Spa introduces cancer touch therapies

Organic skincare products and nurturing spa therapies after a cancer diagnosis

Gomersal Park Hotel and Dream Spa in West Yorkshire is a contemporary spa hotel in the scenic countryside with much to recommend it. Amongst its many choice features, the spa is known for its thoughtful treatment offering, ranging from stone therapies to reflexology as well as a range of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Now, they have enhanced their treatments further, training therapists in cancer touch therapies from Made for Life Organics.

About Made for Life Organics’ cancer touch therapies

Made for Life Organics is a Cornwall-based brand founded by Amanda Winwood, known for its use of natural ingredients and being environmentally. Across the board, its therapies are lovely, as are its products. However, they have also become known for their Cancer Touch Therapy treatments and therapist training.

Amanda Winwood
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The advanced course enables qualified beauty and massage therapists to gain a deeper understanding of what cancer is, the staging and grading of cancer and how the treatments for cancer can affect the need to adapt spa treatments. The treatments are designed to help you disconnect from daily stress and reconnect with nature and stillness.

They say: "The treatments are akin to a period of meditation, allowing the body to access the parasympathetic state. This is where the heart rate slows down and the brain is encouraged into Alpha-Theta waves. This prompts the mind and body into a ‘state of allowing’ so that body and mind reconnect. This time allows rejuvenation on all levels – mind, body and spirit – including a natural boost to immunity."

The therapies have beautiful names that correlate with the way they support spa goers. For example, their Hand on Heart back, scalp and face treatment helps you drift away into a meditative state of relaxation; their Catch the Breath back and scalp treatment uses rhythmic Tui Na Chinese to ease tension; and their Soothe & Nurture organic facial has been created to help restore skin's natural luminosity whilst calming the mind.

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About the Dream Spa at Gomersal Park

The Dream Spa itself enhances the relaxation experience with its wide range of facilities including restful spaces to simply sit and unwind. The hotel is conveniently located between Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Halifax and Wakefield, making it easy to get to whether you want to visit for a day or a break.

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