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‘Hair Loss Friendly Spa’ campaign launches at Champneys

A new charity initiative offers vital support to women with hair loss and cancer.

This year, Champneys announced its partnership with Cancer Hair Care, the UK’s leading Hair Loss support charity. It is to pilot a new ‘Hair Loss Friendly Spa’ campaign across each of its four spa resorts. That includes Tring, Henlow, Forest Mere, Springs and its hotels, Eastwell Manor and Mottram Hall.

About the initiative

As part of the campaign, Champneys offers a range of cancer friendly support services. It includes specially trained Hair Loss Friendly therapists at each spa resort. They are able to provide scalp care guidance to guests as well as thoughtful touches such as wig stands and head scarves. The aim is to help women who are undergoing cancer treatment to feel welcomed and nurtured during and following their spa visit.

Who’s behind it

“When a woman loses her hair, it is often a traumatic experience. Left unsupported she can experience image anxiety and isolation. There are many subtle barriers that unintentionally result in women with hair loss not accessing nourishing experiences that could boost their self-confidence. Together with Champneys, we can make hair loss one less worry.”

Jasmin Julia Gupta, the ‘Hair Loss Friendly’ - campaign creator and founder of charity service Cancer Hair Care

“Champneys is delighted to be working with Cancer Hair Care. When I discovered this fantastic charity I realised how important their unique approach to supporting women during hair loss due to cancer treatment is. I was inspired to support them. I really hope that other spa groups will also join.”

Cancer Hair Care and the ‘Hair Loss Friendly’ campaign is being supported by Mrs Dorothy Purdew OBE, Champneys co-owner and chairperson

Spa treatments when you have cancer

As part of the ‘Hair Loss Friendly Spa’ campaign, Champneys has also partnered with the Made for Life Foundation, which supports those diagnosed with and recovering from cancer. Made for Life wellness therapies are now available across all Champneys spa resorts.

They are suitable for anyone, including those going through cancer treatment. Treatments include Hand on Heart - a relaxing back, scalp and facial treatment; Catch the Breath - a soothing back and scalp treatment, or Soft Touch Therapy - a deeply relaxing touch to the face or body.

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