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Holding your hand on your first spa break

Want to go on your first spa break but feel anxious about what to expect? You're not alone.

Going on a spa day or spa break is a wonderful thing. How often have you thought it would be so nice if someone would take 60 minutes out of their day to massage your shoulders? What if you could have a whole day where you left your phone in your locker and had time to read a book? Or where you had uninterrupted time with a loved one while kind and friendly people made sure you had an endless supply of herbal tea? Well, all of that and more is encompassed in a spa break.

However, for those who have never been before, it's understandable that there are also things that you might worry about before going on a spa break. Perhaps you don't feel comfortable spending the day in your swimwear, perhaps you're anxious about what to wear during a spa treatment - will your therapist care if you shaved your legs or not? Will they notice all those little 'imperfections' you've been beating yourself up for? What if you have specific dietary requirements? What if you're not comfortable during your spa treatment? Whatever your personal anxieties, they're completely understandable, and you're not the first person to have them.

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Why people worry about their first spa break

The irony about the worries that might come with going on your first spa break, is that it's perhaps because these are spaces in which you're invited to take off your proverbial armour and leave it at the front door, that you might feel concerned. If you have your game face on and you're ready to take on the world, then you're much less likely to feel vulnerable. However, a spa experience is all about taking care of you for a change - there's no need for make-up or putting on a show - this is about giving you what you need, and that's pretty disarming.

How helped me go on my first spa break

At we recently had a review from a lady called Susan, who had been on her first spa break and had been terribly anxious before going:

"As I have not booked a spa day before I thought it would be best to ring and speak to someone. I got through to Charlotte. I was feeling very anxious about doing these spa days/breaks, I had 101 questions and was also having a panic. My husband really wanted to do this last year but I refused as it's not something I feel comfortable with, but it's a big birthday for him this year so jumped into the deep end, found some decent deals on the site, then rang in ... Bless Charlotte, she had me to deal with - she relaxed me, answered all questions, overcame all my doubts... gave me a brief step by step how.. when...etc. She took her time to go through everything with me and repeated it a few times. Honestly, she was lovely and helpful .. I will 100% be using this company again..." Robe
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Welcome to the spa world

We have dedicated our careers to helping more and more people discover the benefits of spa experiences and breaking down the barriers to enjoying them. As seasoned spa goers, it still takes us by surprise every time we go on a spa day or break as to just how joyful and beneficial they can be.

This desire to really show just how welcoming and wonderful a spa break can be is one of the reasons that we are not purely an online organisation, but one with a dedicated in-house call centre with a highly experienced team of spa experts ready to answer your questions. It's also why we offer such a wide variety of spa experiences - so you can find the right one for you, whether you want to go for a full detox break or a more pampering focused getaway. Go with friends, your partner, on your own - the opportunities are endless.

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What do you want to know about your first spa break?

On top of that, ask us anything you like, from what to wear to whether it's safe to go when you're pregnant. Can you go to a spa with an injury? Can you ask for a male/female therapist? Are you supposed to tip your spa therapist? Do you have to talk during your spa treatment? Can you bring your dog on your spa break? There's no question too big or too small - we're always happy to help.

So if you are considering your first ever spa break and you are anxious, but you don't want to let that anxiety stop you from experiencing something wonderful - give us a shout - we're here to hold your hand and we promise it will be worth it.

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