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Holistic ways to feel your best this autumn

From aromatherapy to winter stews - here are a few of our favourite things

Each season has a different impact on our wellbeing, turning our wants and needs from the sweet summery realms of fruit, salads and sunshine to nourishing stews, warming scents and soul soothing cosy clothing. Here are some of our favourite, holistic ways to feel our best during the autumn.

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Use nutrition to boost your wellbeing

Nutrition is really the foundation of wellbeing, especially with the growing body of knowledge about the gut and its links to our mental as well as physical health. While the summer might have seen us tucking into watermelon salads, large bowls of fruit, and refreshing drinks, the winter sees us craving warming foods and needing slightly different nutrients to keep us feeling our best.

With the dwindling daylight hours we might want to boost our vitamin D levels with more oily fish in our diets. Mid-afternoon slumps can be defeated with an assortment of berries. Large bowls of porridge filled with fruit, seeds and a drop of maple syrup offer nutrient rich, slow release energy throughout the day - not to mention a cosy start to the morning. In addition, seasonal vegetables invite us to experiment with root veg stews to send us to bed feeling warm and sated.

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Embrace aromatherapy to boost your mood

With the darker days and cooler temperatures, it's easy to feel a little low in the winter months, but scent is one of the fastest ways to change our mood for the better.

Never underestimate the power of aromatherapy, whether it's through a diffuser, a roll on oil added to your wrist or a few drops on a tissue or added to your moisturiser to inhale as needed.

In the autumn invigorating scents include:

  • Sweet orange to uplift your mood
  • Lemon to clear the mind (for that mid-afternoon fog)
  • Frankincense for calming
  • Eucalyptus for helping to clear your sinuses and encourage deep breathing
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Touch treatments for autumn wellness

Touch therapies like facials and massage offer wellbeing benefits at any time, but in the winter months we tend to need a little more TLC to keep us feeling happy, well and positive. In particular, reflexology and massage are a great way to boost your mood.

Reflexology can be used to target particular wellness needs or to support overall wellbeing. It's especially recommended to reduce stress and tension, boost circulation and support the immune system. Massage is also a great way to ease tension, boost endorphins and also support better sleep when we need it most or are feeling anxious.

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