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Six ways to beat the January blues with aromatherapy

Boost your mood instantly with the power of essential oils


For all the excitement of a new year, January can be a terrible time for feeling low. It’s dark, the Christmas decorations have come down and that gym membership you purchased with so much optimism is taunting you from your wallet.

It all culminates in what has now been dubbed Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, which has been recognised as the most depressing day of the year because we're all feeling a bit wretched.

Here, aromatherapist and author of Inspirational Aromatherapy, Beverley Higham, explains how the right essential oils can boost your mood and and wellbeing instantly.

The New Year rushes in and after the bright lights of Christmas, January can seem quite depressing. Dark mornings and dismal days block out the vital sunlight that many of us crave and seasonal affective disorder or sad can cause us to be low in mood and down in spirit . But never fear, aromatherapy is here! With a revival of popularity in natural products and uplifting extracts, we have some amazing antidotes to the traits of seasonal affective disorder. Here are my top six essential oils described in Sanskrit as oshadhi which means carriers of light - so they really are droplets of liquid sunshine!

Aromatherapy oils for this winter

Sweet orange: citrus sinensis

A beautiful sweet and invigorating aroma that brightens the mood instantly and perks up the body. Uplifting and refreshing it is a happy aroma. Sprinkle a drop or two on a tissue and inhale deeply or add four or five drops to an un-perfumed body lotion and cover yourself in sunshine.

Italian lemon: citrus limonum

Sharp and zesty this oil is antiviral, antibacterial and immune boosting. It improves the circulation, clears the mind and invigorates the senses. Use in a room diffuser to infuse the air with protective molecules or sprinkle a few drops on a damp cloth and wipe work surfaces for a hygienic blast of zest that clears the head.

Luscious lime: citrus aurantifolia

Lime is very similar in action to lemon but is said to cleanse the auric shield of negativity so this has got to be a must for clearing our energy system and brightening our disposition. Add a few drops to some cool mineral water, fill a spray bottle and after shaking a few times close your eyes and spray in the air to immerse yourself in a mist of aura cleansing molecules.

Frankincense: boswellia carterri

Meditative and expanding, frankincense allows you to deepen the breath. Calming and relaxing, on an emotional level it smoothes transitions and moves us through change with ease and grace. It’s a wonderful oil for the lungs and marvellous for rejuvenating the skin. Add four or five drops to a jar of your favourite moisturiser and watch the years roll back! Your stress levels will decrease too.

Lovely lavender: lavendula angustifolia

Grown on the sunny slopes of the mountains in the high Alps of Provence this beautiful universal healer has so many benefits. Inhalation of this beautiful fragrance is like a massage of your nervous system from the inside. It’s instant calm and reduces anxiety aiding sleep. Add six to eight drops to a cup of milk and pour into a warm bath. Soak for 20 minutes for absolute bliss.

Eucalyptus: eucalyptus globulus

I’ve chosen this wonderful oil that has its roots in Australian history because it’s an amazing oil for clearing the Sinus area, removing mucous and easing aches and pains. I have found it to be particularly helpful for repetitive strain injury and any aches and pains affecting the joints and bones. Add three drops to five ml of olive or sunflower oil and massage aching joints or rub on the chest and back to ease breathing. It puts sunlight into our wintery bones.

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