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How Elemental Herbology personalises spa treatments at Ockenden Manor

Elemental Herbology

Always thoughtful in their decisions when it comes to creating spa facilities and curating spa experiences, Ockenden Manor chose to work with Elemental Herbology because of the personal touch it brings to spa treatments. Here, they explain how the product line that’s based on the elements uses a unique consultation process to tailor spa experiences to individual guests…

We started using Elemental Herbology because…

It’s natural and complements Ockenden Manor’s own holistic approach to wellbeing. The products are based on five elements. The principles are a bit like Reiki. Everything is balanced - the soul and the mind work together. The five elements - earth, fire, water, wood and metal - work in same way but through the skin.

These ideas are reflected in a unique questionnaire which Elemental Herbology put together, and then we tailored to Ockenden Manor. There are five questions, each with five possible answers. The consultation is then used as the basis for a really personalised treatment with corresponding oils and products. It’s worked really well and guests love it.

The element that you ‘are’ at any moment can change…

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Whichever one you come out as is about where you are at that particular stage. It’s not something that remains static - it changes depending on what’s happening in your life. Even the seasons affect it. That allows us to tailor a treatment for what you need at that time.

It’s a great way to engage with the process…

It’s great to do for a treatment for yourself, but people also love to do it as a group. It’s great to see guests comparing results and it gives people something to talk about, which is great for hen parties.

The description of each element is surprisingly accurate…

1.Wood tends to be kind, reliable and always on the go with normal or combination skin. 2.Fire is energetic and ambitious, but prone to burnout with oily, congested skin and occasional breakouts. 3.Earth reflects the nurturers and peacemakers who tend to give and can have all skin types. 4.Metal is for life’s planners, who are organised and focused, but can be controlling and have mature skin or show signs of ageing. 5.Water is for intuitive and empathetic types who can be introverted and prone to worry at times. They tend to have dry, dehydrated and/or sensitive skin.

You do get people who are a mixture of the elements…

That’s quite common and it usually means you’re quite balanced. If you’re an equal amount of two elements we’ll do a blind scent test. More often than not the body gravitates towards what it needs and we can tailor the treatment that way.

It does make a difference to the treatment you have…

So two people might have booked the same treatment but if they come out as different elements then they will have totally different experiences. Water involves slower movements for example, while metal is more stimulating.

Our therapists have become quite attuned to our guests…

Often they can predict which element someone will be. It’s a great way to get people talking about how they’re feeling and really engaging with their treatments. It helps people to switch off.

When people have a treatment here they really feel like they’ve been listened to…

So often people go to a spa and are in and out of a treatment really quickly. Guests like to feel that a treatment has been tailored to them and that they haven’t been treated like a number. Each person is different, so we don’t like to just give the same treatment again as if the therapist is on autopilot. It follows on well from the Light Technique that we introduced last year - it’s about really personal spa experiences.

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