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Illuminate Face and Body Glow – the must-try pumpkin spa treatment

pumpkin spa treatment

Nutrition from the earth and taken straight to the therapy bed. Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa is using the natural magic of the pumpkin to create a brightening and rejuvenating body treatment for the skin in time for Halloween. Here’s what it is and why it works…

What exactly does the spa treatment involve?

The treatment is inspired by the superfood, pumpkin! At this incredibly rich and ripe time of year, we are using raw, natural ingredients that deliver amazing results to the skin. Using products from Natural Spa Factory, we buff the skin with the ‘Winter Pear and Pumpkin Body Scrub’ to remove dead skin cells and prepare for the body wrap.

The therapist will then cocoon the guest in the ‘Illuminate Body wrap’ with jasmine extract and rice bran to leave the skin with a luminous glow. Whilst wrapped, our top secret antioxidant face mask is applied to the skin. It’s made fresh in our kitchen daily. This superfood mask works brilliantly to rejuvenate and brighten the complexion with its natural exfoliating properties.

Who is it recommended for and why?

Everybody! At this time of year, as the nights are drawing in, there is nothing more comforting and nourishing than a body wrap treatment. It delivers smooth, soft, luminous skin - what more could you ask for?

Where does the spa treatment come from?

It’s inspired by the season and uses lots of fresh ingredients grown at Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa. Our very own kitchen gardens also provide much of the fresh fruit and vegetables served in our spa and restaurant too.

What are the benefits?

This top-to-toe spa treatment provides ultimate hydration and nourishment to the face and body whilst also being deeply relaxing and therapeutic.

Are there any contraindications?

We do not recommend this spa treatment during pregnancy. It is also not ideal for guests with low-mobility as it is performed on the Hammam Table in the Mud Patch Suite.

Available only in the month of October 2020


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