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Interview in The Hot Tub … Niki Rein

She’s learned from Tracey Anderson, but having moved to the UK, Niki Rein has started her own fitness phenomenon by founding barrecore in London!

What exactly is barrecore?

barrecore is a dance-inspired fitness method that strengthens, lengthens and tones all muscles by using small movements using your own body weight until the muscle fatigues and then we stretch it for relief.  The results are noticeable in a really short space of time and clothes start to feel looser after just a few sessions

What did you do before founding the brand? 

I moved to London two and a half years before opening the doors of barrecore on the King’s Road.  I was doing similar work beforehand; private training in Notting Hill, teaching classes based on the US barre fitness phenomenon that I named ‘barrecore’ in 2009 out of a small space in Chelsea. barrecore on the King’s Road opened its doors in 2011.

What brought you to the UK?

When I was working for Tracey Anderson she sent me to London to work with some of her clients and I met a great guy.  We all know long distance relationships are no fun so … as they say … the rest is history!

What makes barrecore different to other exercise trends?

barrecore is intelligent exercise.  We educate our clients on the anatomy of the postures and movements they are doing and tell them why and what they will do for their body.  It is also unique because we use very few props and use body weight as resistance which is what creates a lean body and improves coordination

You have worked in the past with Tracey Anderson - what was the most valuable thing you learned from her?

To keep making changes.  She was adamant about confusing muscle groups. I couldn’t agree more.  That’s why you will never have the same and exact class twice at barrecore and our private training programmes are designed to keep your body guessing, so it can change.

What do you do to relax?

It’s bizarre but nothing relaxes me more than chopping vegetables.  I also love walks in the park with my husband and dog, Bruno.

Do you have a favourite spa treatment or one you would like to try?

I always love an effective yet relaxing facial but I would love to try Watsu - an aquatic body workout and massage. A massage in water sounds like the ultimate surrender!

What is your top tip for feeling your best with a busy schedule?

SLEEP. When I can’t get sleep I increase my daily dose of L-glutamine powder.  It’s incredible for energy, staying lean and keeping cravings and mood swings at bay.

When do you feel you’re best?

I feel my best when I laugh with good friends and family.  Or … maybe naps at my mom or grandmother’s house!

Complete this sentence:  A successful woman is … generous, gratuitous, confident, motivating to others, communicative and hungry to improve her life and all those around her.

What are you going to do this week to #bekindtoyou?

I am going to schedule myself weekly #bekindtoyou-s through the end of 2013.  This interview has made me realise I should be kind to myself a little more frequently!  This week, I am going to take a Yamuna Body Rolling class!

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