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Interview in The Hot Tub … Gaby Roslin


From facing Grizzly Bears in Alaska to being rescued by helicopter, it’s all in a day’s work for TV and radio presenter, Gaby Roslin …

What is your average day like?

I’m up with the kids anytime from 6.30 onwards. I have just finished co hosting a radio breakfast show where I used to get up at 3.30am. I don’t miss those hours! It’s the school run and then after the girls have been dropped off I usually head to the gym for a workout and pilates. After that it’s either recording or meetings, actually everyday at the moment is taken up with meetings …  some very interesting but let’s be honest some not so! I host a live Saturday show on BBC London 94.9 so by the end of the week there’s a lot of reading up, and organising to do for the show.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Everything. I honestly love working in TV and radio. It’s all I’ve wanted to do since I was three! 27 years of working in the business, and I still love it

What’s the strangest experience you have had in your career?

A few… from being left in the English Channel to be rescued by a rescue helicopter and a huge ferry chugging past, to coming face to face with a Grizzly in Alaska.

What’s your idea of the perfect day of relaxation?

Being with the kids, believe it or not, and going for a walk. I’m a Londoner, born and bred and love all the parks and streets and love to wander and walk. My true joy every evening though is a hot bath. Love, love my baths.

What do you do to stay in shape?

I work out in the gym three or four times a week and do Pilates.  I have also recently taken up swimming. I’m not a great swimmer but it’s good for cardio. I love to walk as well.

Do you have a favourite spa treatment or one you would like to try?

I love deep tissue massage, Reiki, Reflexology, head massage, actually LOVE so many and would love to spend a guilt free day trying them all out, but as a working mum you’re always looking at your watch for the school run time.

When are you at your happiest?

When I’m with my family (or in a hot bath)

When do you feel at your most glamorous?  

When getting ready for a night out and my eye make-up is heavier than normal (I’m a bit of a slave to make-up) and I have a nice outfit on and the girls say “Mum you look cool” love them

Do you have a ‘desert island’ beauty product?

I’ve just changed my whole skin routine and now am obsessed, not over stressing that at all, honestly love and adore and now swear by, Neal’s Yard Frankincense range of skincare. I have passed on the love to chums who now swear about it too.

Top tip for looking and feeling your best when you have a hectic schedule?

Sleep, water and laughter!

Complete this sentence:  A confident woman is … a woman who feels comfortable in her skin and smiles.

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