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Interview in The Hot Tub … Gina Bryce

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Television and radio presenter, Gina Bryce, is a regular face on Sky’s racing channel, At The Races, Channel 4, and Talksport, but away from the small screen, she explains why nothing beats a day of sunshine, saunas, and Welsh cakes.

What is your average day like?

My day differs depending on whether I am working in the studio or out and about on location.  I regularly present a morning news show for At The Races, which involves an early start.  I get up at around 5am to get my hair and make-up looking presentable - sadly I have to do it myself!  I then pour myself a large black coffee and leave the house at about 6am to get to the studio in Milton Keynes for 7am.  Once you’re in the studio, its all go to put the show together and secure interviews with various trainers and jockeys.  On the plus side though, I usually finish by about 1pm.  If I am filming a feature on location or broadcasting live from the racecourse, it can be a long day, particularly if you draw the short straw and have to head to one of Britain’s far flung racecourses.  I once left London at 5am to make it to Ffos Las in South West Wales in time for my first 10am update!  Being on course is great fun though, especially at the big events such as Royal Ascot.

What made you want to work in the world of horse racing?

Growing up I always loved being around horses and going racing with my family, so I feel lucky to have been able to combine a passion with a career.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the variety. One day I can be filming Frankel being put through his paces on the Newmarket gallops and the next presenting at Royal Ascot. I also spend the odd cold Tuesday night on the all weather at Wolverhampton though, so it’s not all glamorous!

Being on television can be high-pressured, how do you relax?

I love having a massage as I often get a really stiff neck and sore back from all the driving I have to do to the different racecourses.

Do you have a high maintenance beauty routine or a lick of mascara and straight out the door?

Sadly we don’t have a hair and makeup department at At The Races so when I started working in the studio I had to learn to take more care with my make-up routine. I am impatient so I still have a tendency to rush but I am definitely more high maintenance than I used to be!

When are you at your happiest?

When the sun is shining!

When do you feel at your most glamorous?

If I have to present at an awards ceremony, I like to get my hair blow-dried and my nails done. That definitely helps to feel glamorous.

Is there a particular beauty product you can’t go on screen without?

A full face of make-up is advisable for those punishing studio lights but I would say a good brow pencil makes a huge difference to your face on screen.

What would be your perfect day of relaxation?

Ideally I would wake up in a nice hotel such as Celtic Manor or Gleneagles.  I  would have breakfast in bed before heading to the spa for the ‘works’: massage, manicure, and chill-out time in the sauna and pool would be top of the list.  I also think afternoon tea is a real indulgence you never get to do and I love the Welsh cakes they serve at Celtic Manor, so that would round off the perfect day. Sadly it doesn’t happen often enough!

What’s your favourite thing about going to a spa?

Its great knowing you can totally switch off without checking your phone or worrying about work.

Do you have a favourite treatment or one you would like to try?

I recently tried the hot stones treatment at Rockliffe in Yorkshire. It was amazing. So relaxing, I even fell asleep.  I have never had a facial so that is definitely one to try.

Top tip for looking and feeling your best when you have a hectic schedule?

Trying to get to bed early always helps, and if that fails a good concealer and under eye corrector works a treat!

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