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Last minute Christmas gifts that still really mean something

spa gift voucher

Whether you’ve been struggling to think of the perfect present and time ran away from you. Perhaps you’ve been so busy you haven’t quite got to your Christmas shopping but still want to give something that really shows you care. Or maybe there’s a surprise guest coming to your Christmas celebrations that you weren’t expecting. Last minute Christmas gifts can still be special if you know where to look…

Last minute spa vouchers

One of the great joys of giving spa vouchers is that it isn’t just a nice surprise on the day, but also something to look forward to in the future. While planning in advance gives you the benefit of delivering your chosen spa voucher in the form of a gift box or card, for last minute Christmas gifts you can order them as late as Christmas Day itself and have it delivered straight to your email inbox to print off… or that of the recipient!


Netflix subscriptions

Winter is so much better with Netflix to binge watch, so what could be better than giving a subscription to the streaming channel in the form of Netflix Gift Cards? Perfect as one of our top thoughtful last minute Christmas gifts. You can use Netflix Gift Cards to pay for a subscription for friends, family, teachers, and more. You can buy them in stores or online.

Join the Bloombox Club

Plants are known to bring a little extra wellbeing to your living environment - helping to detox all that e-smog and generally bringing a little life to your home or office. For that reason a Bloombox Club subscription is a beautiful gift that keeps on giving. It brings you a new pot plant each month, and is the brainchild of psychologist Katie Cooper, who noticed the benefits plant care had on her clients, so you’ll not only be giving a new pot plant but peace of mind too.

Unwind with Mind

From mental health charity Mind, the Pause box is full of surprises and moments of calm, full of tasks that will help encourage creativity and reflection. Also, 100% of the monthly subscription fee will go to Mind, allowing them to continue providing advice and support to those of us who experience mental health problems each year. It’s a beautiful gift for just £7.50 per month.

Bird & Blend tea

We’re big believers in the healing properties of a good cup of tea, and Bird & Blend has distilled all that goodness into a monthly gift with seasonal twists. The independent tea store specialises in its own unique, award-winning blends of tea. With a choice of either three-, six- or 12-month subscriptions, recipients receive a collection of teas to fit the season. December’s box included ‘The Night Before Christmas’, ‘Mince Pie’ and ‘Mistletoe And Wine’, and January promises to be just as delicious. There is enough tea for 30 cups per box, so they can snuggle up by the fire and sip away and it’s from just £7.00.

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