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Mother’s Day: what it means from one adult to another

Mother’s Day is typically associated with finger paintings.  Little children proffering dried pasta shapes and glitter in the form of a loving message.  Essentially, Mother’s Day is very much associated with small children and their messages of love for their mothers.  

However, while we may be no less inclined to enjoy a little dried pasta craftsmanship as we get older, for those of us looking to show a Mother’s Day appreciation as one adult to another adult, there are a few more options available.  

The mother/daughter spa day is a fairly long standing tradition.  It often includes such favourite features as afternoon tea, joint mani/pedis and a glass or two of Champagne.  It’s a tried and tested recipe, and with good reason.

It’s about time

Of course, what we really want to give on Mother’s Day is appreciation, and how on earth do you really do that?  The truth is that we probably can’t on any one day. It’s in all the little actions we take every day. However, we can try our best and quality time together is probably the closest thing to perfect.  The reason spas are so popular for that is that they provide an environment that allows us to get the most out of that time together.

First and foremost, spas are places where time has a wonderful capacity for slowing down.  More often than not mobile phones are not permitted, so there’s little distraction. The environment is tranquil, so you can either simply be together or you can spend time catching up on life, the world and the universe.  It’s just that intangible, unpurchasable commodity - time.

The power to choose the right environment

Even those of us who have truly awesome relationships with our mothers can descend into bickering under the pressures of daily life.  Kids screaming, dog running muddy paws through the house, Sunday roast burning. However, the ability to choose to spend time in an environment devoid of those strains, and navigate straight towards meaningful, unadulterated time together, is an empowered one.

Of course, in addition to that, spas are their core are about feeling good.  From treatments to the total lack of pressure to do anything in particular, it’s time and space to feel good.  That mindset simply enhances quality time together.

Any time any age

Perhaps one of the nicest things about a mother/daughter spa break is that there is no upper age limit on it. While many a destination may not facilitate mother/daughter time with very young children, the most beautiful spa experiences can be enjoyed at any adult age.  Whether you’re 30, 40, 50 or 60.Whether your mum is 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100.There’s really no limit on enjoying a good spa treatment, beautiful accommodation and exceptional food.

Yes, there is profound joy in seeing the gluey, glittery fingers of a toddler presenting mum with a card on Mother’s Day.  However, for those of us lucky enough to have our mothers into adulthood, there is great privilege in being able to spend that extra meaningful time with these important people in our lives.  Especially once we’re old enough to choose a location and create a circumstance that we know we can really enjoy together.

The best spas for grown up Mother’s Day experiences:

Champneys Tring

Champneys Tring, Hertfordshire

Champneys Tring is the flagship spa destination for the nationwide Champneys brand. A wellness bastion known for their luxurious and knowledgeable approach to health and wellbeing, it was founded by naturopath Stanley Lief in 1925.Today the red brick manor house continues to represent Britain’s original health spa, defining the industry and setting standards across the country. Sitting in 160 acres of manicured gardens and picturesque Hertfordshire countryside, Champneys Tring is a fusion of the most exceptional range of wellness facilities, spa treatments, hospitality and nutrition. It proves that health and style and plenty of space for a good walk.  It’s perfect for quality time with your mum… just make the most of it by booking an overnight break.

Book a spa break at Champneys Tring

Bryn Meadows Golf, Hotel and Spa, Wales

Bryn Meadows always do the most beautiful rasuls for every occasion. Surrounded by the beauty of the Brecon Beacons, this serene part of the world and the unparalleled customer service make for a delightful day or overnight break for Mother’s Day.  Their signature mud rasul treatment in particular is ideal for time together. A self-administered treatment, once you have applied mineral mud to the face and body, you spend time relaxing in a dedicated steam room together. It’s the perfect combination of time, treatments and privacy.

House of Elemis

House of Elemis, London

It is not about facilities - pools, saunas and steam rooms.  This central London jewel is entirely about the treatments. The height of decadence, it is somewhere to visit for a couple of hours of indulgent time.  Treatments are precision focused, especially if you opt for a Couture Technology facial. Wander in and you are greeted by the smiling, unblemished faces of the Elemis team, who check you in and offer you herbal teas served in fine china while you fill in your consultation forms and await your appointment.  After your treatment we would highly recommend perusing the boutique and spending a disgusting amount of money on Elemis products. Then go somewhere close by for further retail therapy, lunch or coffee. You’re perfectly located for it just off Bond Street!


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