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What treatment would you choose, if you choose if you had to choose just one?

Choosing a favourite spa treatment is an excellent problem to have, but it can be a bit like being a kid in a candy store. Faced with a myriad of facials, massages, scrubs and wraps, what would you choose if you had to choose just one?

Here, Product Manager, Carly Greig explains why her first choice is the SIGNATURE MANOR HOUSE x TEMPLE SPA MASSAGE.


It's a really beautiful full-body massage that's unique to Manor House Hotel - Alsager, which is a beautiful place to visit. It's also created by the skincare brand, Temple Spa, which is a gorgeous brand, known for their skincare products inspired by Mediterranean ingredients.

What's included in the massage?

It begins when the therapist drizzles Temple Spa's silky LIGHT RELIEF superfood oil, which smells of beautiful green mandarin, onto the skin. It contains nourishing hemp seed oil and soothing CBD, so it's a beautiful way to start. They then use Akwaterra pods across the body, focusing on areas of tightness. It's all about nourishing the skin and melting away tension, so you feel really relaxed by the end and your skin feels wonderful too.

The superfood oil sounds amazing, can you buy it for use at home too?

It's lovely and yes you can - it's £25.00 direct from the Temple Spa website. They describe the oil as a: "skin-soothing oil designed to support the recovery process and bring comfort to stressed out, fragile, dry or dehydrated skin. It contains 3% CBD complex to calm down signs of redness and irritation plus alleviate blemishes. A soothing blend of coconut, hemp and olive oils together deliver a deep-down rescue mission for your skin."

I think most of us could do with that, couldn't we?

What are Akwaterra pods?

They are unique, ceramic massage tools that are ergonomically designed and filled with water. It's an award-winning French massage concept based on the synergy between earth and water. Pods come in different shapes to target different areas of the body, deepening and enhancing massage.

Pure Salt Grain Massage at Manor House Hotel - Alsager
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How did you feel after your treatment?

Extremely relaxed to the point of wanting to go to sleep, and my skin also felt really well looked after. It's a 60-minute treatment so there's lots of time to really get into it and properly relax, which is perfect.

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