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National Spa Week launches new Work For Wellness campaign for 2019

National Spa Week 2019 launches today, running from 4th-11th November. This year it is taking a whole new approach with its Work For Wellness campaign.

Focusing on generating ideas, discussion and support within the spa industry, to encourage its ongoing development in meeting and exceeding consumer needs, wants and expectations. This year the event is set to be different to those in years gone by.

Historically, National Spa Week, which is run by the UK Spa Association (UKSA), of which Founder Abi Selby is a board member, has been consumer focused, promoting the message that spas offer so much more towards wellbeing than is often realised. However, the message has often got lost in favour of headlines about reduced spa deals rather than the association’s wider wellness message.

This year, the emphasis on the week is more inward looking, considering challenges within the spa industry and helping individuals and destinations to address them. This altered focus has been designed to add value and drive education to the UKSA’s members. Going back to its roots, the UKSA aims to proactively support the spa industry.  

The focus of National Spa Week 2019 will be workplace wellness. A topic which should address differing components for each employee, such as their physical, financial, emotional and social wellbeing - a challenge many employers need support on. Over one dedicated week, the UKSA will utilise their expertise, in order to bring together industry experts to provide education, information and participation of set daily challenges.

“The continued development of the spa industry is so important both so that as an industry we are meeting the needs and wants of our consumers. However, it’s also important so that the hard working individuals within the industry are supported in making successful and sustainable businesses of their beautiful spa destinations. The spa industry is an extremely competitive place, but it’s one we can all benefit from. By helping spas to access information and discuss wellbeing trends and challenges, we can not only offer the best to consumers but also support the UK’s spa SMEs. Done the right way, a commercial approach enhances the the integrity of beautiful hotel and spa experiences, and that’s something we can all benefit from.” Founder, Abi Selby


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