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News: CACI launches new spa non-surgical facial

A muscle toning and lifting facial treatment using CACI’s iconic microcurrent technology

We always love it when a new treatment comes to the market, and some of the most exciting innovations of the day come with a little help from technology.

CACI International has been leading the way with their famed non-surgical face lift system for more than 30 year. Now, they are responding to customer demand for a hands-only facial treatment that encompasses the muscle toning and lifting benefits of CACI’s iconic microcurrent technology to get your face fighting fit. This year they are launching the CACI Micro-Touch Facial.

"After the treatment, my skin felt tighter with a healthy glow and visible reductions in lines and wrinkles. I would strongly recommend this facial to achieve a more youthful appearance, which we all strive to achieve." - Client, Patricia (age 50+)

How the CACI Micro-Touch Facial works

The CACI micro touch facial uses ultra-low muscle toning frequencies and at 45 minutes is a quicker treatment to perform than traditional probe based microcurrent facials which typically range from 60 to 90 minutes duration.

Combining CACI’s signature muscle lifting techniques with microcurrent technology for targeted facial contouring, the treatment focuses on muscle lift, tension release, deep tissue relaxation for more sculpted, toned, enhanced facial definition.

Using the Electro Gloves to perform treatment also provides the therapist with greater sensory awareness of the client’s facial contours and the ability to adapt fingertip pressure when gripping the facial muscles.

To allow the microcurrent to flow directly to the client’s skin, the therapist wears CACI’s Protect liner gloves underneath the conductive Electro Gloves to ensure that 100% of the microcurrent energy is delivered to the client’s skin.

The benefits of the CACI Micro-Touch Facial

  • Lifts and contours your face.
  • Manipulates and sculpts the muscles with firm, precise control.
  • Helps to release facial tension that can lead to deepening lines and wrinkles.
  • Visible results after a single treatment, and longer lasting, cumulative results when part of a course of 10.

Managing Director Dean Nathanson says: "We understand the importance of looking after our emotional and mental health and the power of human touch. At CACI we have incorporated the benefits of our microcurrent with the power of touch in one unique pampering, results-driven facial – the CACI Micro-Touch Facial."

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