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Our favourite wellbeing Christmas gifts this year

Christmas gifts

This year, the best Christmas gifts are all about wellbeing in all ways, shapes and forms. Turning your home into a sanctuary and treating mind and body like the temples that they are, here are some of our favourite wellbeing Christmas gifts this year…

The aromatherapy diffuser

The diffuser has always had the capacity to create a wonderful, sensual vibe at home, but it can absolutely go one step further and create a sense of wellbeing as well. Especially if you opt for electric variety that literally diffuses aromatherapy oils. Very much a wellbeing staple this year, any home that’s gone without one is missing out. There are lots on the market at a variety of prices, but a wonderful option for a Christmas gift is the Wellbeing Pod from NEOM, complete with a starter set of 100% natural essential oils.


Portable facial humidifier

A facial steam is a simple but effective way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, but messing around with large bowls and towels etc can be a bit on the clunky side. Keeping it easy and simple to keep skin glowing, whether you’re at home, on a work trip or visiting family for the Christmas break (lockdown pending), the powers that be have created portable facial humidifiers for your wellbeing convenience. Check out this one from Sarah Chapman.


Spa teas

A cup of tea is always good for the soul, which is perhaps why (the herbal variety) feature heavily in the spa experience. Part of the post treatment ritual, tea offers a moment of tranquility and meditation as well as hydration, which is perhaps why famed skincare brand Caudalie has created their own range of teas. The brand is known for its wine-inspired products and spa treatments (vinotherapy), so it’s fitting that in Bordeaux, this delicious herbal tea has a draining and detoxifying effect to help eliminate toxins and excess water. Perhaps combine it with also treats like their Crushed Cabernet Scrub too!


Lumie light for SAD

We all know that the short days and poor light can add to a season of general lowness, and in particular Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD). The Lumie light is well known for being a clever, daylight simulating alarm clock that will wake you up feeling rested, fresh and ready for the day, helping you adapt to the light. It’s a thoughtful gift that will keep on giving.


Spa gift vouchers

There’s really no need to explain why these make such lovely gifts, but the great joy of a spa gift voucher for Christmas is that it’s not just something joyful to look forward to, but there’s also the element of choice to go with it. Sure, you can get a voucher for a specific location or package, but you can also choose one that can be applied to different destinations at the recipients choice to add a sense of anticipation to the gift as well.


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