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Real Men Relax: Everybody needs a (spa) break - including men

Following the success of our inaugural Real Men Relax campaign last year, we are once again highlighting the importance around men's wellbeing throughout June - a month celebrating Men’s Health Week and Father's Day.

Growing up, lots of us were told that real men don't cry. Today, we hope that we all feel a little differently - that all men are real men, and real men are real people, who not only cry, but laugh, sometimes need space, sometimes want time with friends and loved ones, and sometimes simply need a break. Whatever age, size, race, religion or sexual orientation, all men are real men, and we believe that real men deserve time to relax.

Wellbeing is something to be enjoyed

When it comes to health and wellbeing all of us have different needs. Some are more susceptible to stress than others, some get sports injuries, some have sensitive skin etc. However, when it comes to men's health, many of us have heard alarming statistics around male suicide rates and depression.

We don't all show when we aren't feeling our best in the same way, and sometimes we don't quite know how 'not right' we feel until we experience feeling better. We believe that taking time, not only to look after our wellbeing, but to enjoy it as well, is not a luxury but a necessity, and one of the best ways to do that is at a spa.

That's why, this June we've brought back our Real Men Relax campaign, inviting all men to explore and experience, ask questions and find spa breaks to suit different wants, needs and interests.

What men say

Last year the campaign focused on breaking down the stigma around men going to spas on their own or with friends, showing that all men need time to unwind.

The initiative saw a huge increase in voucher sales as friends and loved ones empathised with the idea of supporting the men in their lives with time to relax. Those thoughtful gifts were readily taken up, as we saw voucher bookings from men increasing dramatically, showing that when offered the space to take time for themselves, men embraced it.

We have always developed our spa experiences in response to customer demand, keeping our finger on the pulse of what people want and what they tell us they're looking for. This years, we are taking the campaign a step further by looking into some of the reasons men need time and space to relax (not that you need a reason).

Supporting the campaign is The Apprentice star and CEO Reece Donnelly, alongside Love Islander Jay Younger, Newport striker Will Evans, Britain’s most capped blind footballer Darren Harris, viral influencers The Four Lads in Jeans and suicide prevention charity runner David Slater. All ambassadors have spoken about their own reasons for using spas and benefits they have experienced from taking dedicated time using their facilities.

Former Apprentice contestant, Reece Donnelly, says: "Since leaving The Apprentice, I was juggling lots of different roles and responsibilities and so I started using spas to manage the workload of being a CEO and business leader. Steam rooms, saunas and Jacuzzis have all helped me to manage external pressures.”

Newport County striker Will Evans uses spas to aid performance, saying: “I regularly use spas to support my performance on the pitch. From the gym and massages to ice baths and saunas, it all helps me to prepare me for matches. It’s the fine margins that you invest in off the pitch that make the difference when it comes to the big games.”

Former Love Islander, Jay Younger, spoke about how spa facilities have been helping him recover from a shoulder injury. He said: “I’m a huge gym fan, so the shoulder injury has really set me back with training. I use ice baths, saunas and Jacuzzis to reduce inflammation and aid recovery.”

David Slater (aka 1 Dad Running) has recently completed his 508th consecutive day of running to raise awareness for suicide prevention, and uses spas to recover and help him keep going. He highlights their benefits, saying: “Suicide is the biggest killer of young people under the age of 35. I run to raise awareness around this and aim to highlight the support networks available. Spending time using spa facilities has been integral to my ability to keep running - supporting me both physically and mentally- which I think is something we all need.”

The Four Lads in Jeans, who experienced intense trolling when they were first thrust into the spotlight for their sartorial social media choices, commented: “When our picture first went viral we received huge amounts of abuse online - everything from hate speech to death threats. It had a big impact on us and spas were a place to escape the noise, scrutiny and just take a moment to breathe.”

What spas are all about

At we have a 16-year history of promoting spas as places that everybody should feel able to enjoy - where there is the right experience, destination and location for all. Abi Selby, the Founder of the company, has long advocated for spas to be more accessible to anyone who wants to go, from campaigning for increased therapist training to support cancer patients, to dispelling outdated ideas around spas and their target demographic.

She says: "Whether you or someone you know is not feeling quite themselves, feeling low, stressed, bullied, tired, overwhelmed, or even if you're feeling great and you want to stay feeling that way, we all need a break once in a while. A spa break gives you time to rest, restore and recuperate; feel great, feel quiet and most of all feel safe and supported in your fluffy robe and slippers. Wherever you go, whatever experience you want to have, whether you want to go on your own, share it with a friend, a group, your partner or your mum, there's no bravado, no need to pretend and no need to support someone else for a while. For me, that's what spas are all about - and I'm incredibly proud of the work my team has done to show any men that that includes them as well." has a wide range of spa experiences available for everybody and every occasion, including dedicated Real Men Relax special offers and Father's Day discounts.

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