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Sarah Hill, Senior Product Manager: what have spas taught me about wellness?

Donnington valley sarah hill and son

Sarah Hill has been working for for nearly 10 years, and what she doesn’t know about spa and travel isn’t worth knowing. As a working mum to pre-teen Angelo, she always gives more than she takes, but spas have taught her how to find space for herself as well, and without feeling guilty about it.

For me it always comes back to the mummy thing and not feeling guilty about having time away for myself. As a mum you always seem to feel guilty about whether you’re doing the right thing by your children. If you go out or go on holiday without them, then the guilt is always there. 

Space to be the best version of myself

However, by nature spas are not the most child friendly environments. Some don’t allow them at all, while others have dedicated spaces to share with families, but always have a little area, like the treatment rooms that are just for adults. Spas are completely designed for relaxation, and they are truly the best place for tranquility, to re energise, think about things and reset. 

Little rituals that mean a lot

In spas I find the space to relax so that I can be the best version of myself when I get home. They have taught me the importance of creating a bit of space for myself every day, even when I am at home, whether it’s five minutes or an hour. My treat for myself is that I now use all Elemis products for face and body, so it becomes a ritual to do my face and look after my skin and bring that spa element home with me; creating a little moment that’s just for me. Having learned the value of taking care of my skin, they have also introduced me to a world of skincare, and I also don’t feel guilty about using quality brands anymore!

Something for everyone

I use spas for so many different occasions: for my 40th with a group of friends, but also going on my own, with my mum, my partner. My son has actually joined me as well at times and at the right destination.

Ultimately, it comes back to mental health as much as physical wellbeing, and how you feel when you return from a spa day or break. Covid-19 has definitely highlighted for me how much I have really missed the space and feeling that spas give me. Once a month, whether it’s a spa day or overnight break, I am used to it being my reset button and not having that has really taken away something I valued, so I am very excited to have it back!


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