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Spa and beauty products when you have cancer

Once commissioned by her local hospital to create products to suit the sensitivities of patients with cancer, Jennifer Young’s groundbreaking skincare line now forms the basis for many spa treatments.

Now introduced to Eden Hall Hotel and Spa, where they offer a Recovery Retreats spa day for anyone with or recovering from cancer, her products are renowned for their gentle touch, natural ingredients and safely adhering to scientific rules and conditions associated with cancer treatment.

Skincare may well seem like one of the last things on your list of things to think about when cancer rears its head, but as treatment often causes sore, dry, itchy, flakey skin, chapped lips and nail conditions, products need to be natural and effective - in short, heavily perfumed over the counter products may well not be suitable.

When it comes to spa treatments, to really get the most out of the experience, it isn’t enough that treatments are simply inoffensive either. If there’s ever a time when you want a treatment to have a really positive impact, it’s when you have cancer. The Jennifer Young Glowing Facial for example, uses soothing massage techniques to help you rest and relax, and extends to include the scalp, while the Jennifer Young Indulgent Massage is a bespoke treatment using 100% natural and organic oils.

As with any treatment really worth its essential oils however, it isn’t simply a case of using good products, it’s also about how they’re used. So she developed courses to allow therapists to touch people being treated for cancer, teaching them how to adapt their skills for patients, and to understand which treatments are appropriate.

Importantly, as a highly trained therapist in all areas, Jennifer Young’s approach isn’t simply about blandly producing gentle products, they come from a place of intent. She really knows and understands the impact that cancer treatments have on the body, so her therapies and products are designed to help with practical problems, from advising on skincare routines to caring for skin damaged by radiation.


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