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Spa birthday present ideas they can have now but look forward to later

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We may all be facing lockdown at the moment, and an extended period of time watching everything we never knew we were interested in on Netflix. However, we can still treat the ones we love on their birthdays with a little something to look forward to with spa birthday presents in the form of gift vouchers.

Sometimes, anticipating something wonderful can be as enjoyable as the thing itself. Remember looking forward to birthdays as a child? Or eagerly anticipating the summer holidays? The daydreaming, the excitement and then the gratification of having all of that expectation fulfilled - it’s all part of the joy. 

Just because we’re adults, and just because we can’t enjoy our leisure time as we would like at the moment, doesn’t mean we can’t have things to look forward to as well. The power of a positive and happy mindset can do wonders for our wellbeing, and wouldn’t that be an incredible gift to give a friend or family member in this grey and anxious time?

It’s the kind of gift that shows you care now, but also gives your loved one the option to peruse, plan where they want to go and pick a treatment (or two, or three) to enjoy while they’re there… all while they’re social distancing. 

There are several options to choose from, so here’s what you need to know…

A spa birthday present for now, and later

The best news is that there are options. For a little something now as well as later, a Temple Spa beauty gift box has to be the way to go. Temple Spa is a British brand built on inspiration from the Mediterranean. It’s feel-good-factor and holiday vibes in a bottle. From now on, they will be self-isolating in a giant bubble bath.

Sharing a spa experience you’ve tried and tested 

If you have a favourite spa destination that you really want to give a loved one the chance to experience and enjoy. Or perhaps your loved one has told you about a spa they’re desperate to visit, you want a Spa Package Gift Voucher. With these you can select a spa experience at a specific destination of choice, and see everything that’s included. So when it comes to booking, your friend or loved one knows exactly what they’re getting but without knowing the price tag. All they have to do is choose a date!

A spa birthday present that they can choose

If you want to give a birthday present that your friend or family member can choose themselves, without worrying about the price, take a look at Gift of Spa vouchers. Focusing on the spa experience itself, the Classic and Deluxe Gift of Spa range of spa gift vouchers enables you to give someone a choice of experiences when it comes to where and when they redeem their spa voucher at spas across the UK and Ireland. Gift vouchers might be for a spa day or an overnight spa break and for one person or two. They can be for something as simple but effective as a treatment and use of facilities or including meals, spa treatments and all the bells and whistles.

A spa gift that even isolation can’t stop you delivering

Of course, there is a chance that by the time you’re reading this, even the trusty delivery man isn’t allowed out of the house. No matter, you can’t stop a determined spa gift giver! You can send your spa gift voucher of choice by email, ready to redeem any time over the next year.


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