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Spa experiences inspired by the sea

Here are just some of the beautiful spa experiences that are inspired by the sea and harness its healing benefits.

The sea and spas have historically been interlinked. It's little surprise really, given the healing powers of the ocean, from the salt water to the soothing sounds, the oxygen producing powers of the ocean to the nourishing properties of the seaweed.

From hydrotherapy to thalassotherapy, salt scrubs to algae skincare products, so in National Marine Week, it seems fitting to consider all the wellness goodness the ocean has given us, whilst reminding ourselves that we need to do our bit to support its wellness too.


Hydrotherapy is the basis on which so much of the spa experience lies. It is, of course, therapy using water. It can manifest in lots of different ways, but most spa goers are familiar with it in the form of hydrotherapy pools, complete with water jets that massage, bubbles that aid buoyancy and take the weight of aching joints and warm water, which soothes muscles, relaxes the body and prepares the skin for massages and facials.

Hydrotherapy is generally relaxing but is also popular for helping to relieve chronic health conditions, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.


Thalassotherapy is a variation on hydrotherapy but it's specifically using seawater/salt water. The term applies to lots of things, whether it's a hot tub or products containing sea water and sea water products like seaweed and mud. Typically, water in thalassotherapy pools is heated to temperatures between 35 and 37º C which have a restorative effect on the skin and body.

Like hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy is generally relaxing and can help prepare the skin and body for spa treatments. It can also help improve circulation and muscle tone.

Hydrotherapy Pool (4)
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Seaweed baths

Seaweed bathing is something of an acquired taste, although brands like VOYA have turned it into something of an organic art form. Using organic seaweed (preferably sustainably harvested), it is exactly what it sounds like - a bath complete with seaweed in it. The seaweed releases a gel which is healing and restorative. Benefits include moisturising the skin, aiding detox, and helping to reduce cellulite.

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Salt scrubs

Exfoliation is detox for your skin. It removes dead skin cells, improves circulation, and invigorates your entire body. Sea salt scrubs and mineral scrubs are amongst the most popular ways to do that, whether it's at home or in a spa. These scrubs are also said to help draw toxins out of your skin in the process. They are also excellent for helping to make a tan (fake or otherwise) last longer.

Pure Salt Grain Massage at Manor House Hotel - Alsager
Discover the Pure Salt Grain Massage at Manor House Hotel - Alsager|Find out more

Mud treatments

There are lots of different mid treatments, from rasuls to wraps, and it's safe to say that not all mud treatments have a marine quality. In fact many use volcanic muds. Either way, the mids used contain lots of minerals that nourish the skin. Marine mud wraps are a particularly lovely way to unwind, helping to stimulate circulation, even out skin tone and having a healing effect on the skin.

The sea gives so much to us, it's only fitting that we should do our best in the wellness industry to protect it as well. That's one of the reasons so many spas are committing to sustainable practices. Want to find out more? Follow the link below.

Discover some of the top sustainable spas

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