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Some of the best sustainable spas in the UK

Wellness and the planet are inextricably linked, so what are spas doing to be more sustainable? Here are some of the spas with the best environmental policies.

A negative carbon footprint at The Salthouse Hotel, County Antrim

salthouse-outdoor-bathing sustainable spa

This beautiful coastal hotel has been immaculately designed for the ultimate luxury escape, whilst also being completely dedicated to sustainability. Its eco-friendly through and through and the height of sustainable spas. Everything is biodegradable, there’s no single use plastic, they have their own windmill to generate electricity, water comes from their own well and they have solar panels for heating. They actually have a negative carbon footprint, meaning they produce more energy than they use.

Sustainable spa features:

  • All packaging is biodegradable
  • No single use plastic
  • Their generate their own electricity
  • Water comes from their own well
  • Solar panels for heating
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Natural light at South Lodge, West Sussex

Within the grounds of a country house hotel, the spa at South Lodge is set into the natural contours of the land. It has been designed to showcase the best of modern wellbeing but also to be harmonious with the surrounding landscape. A grass and sedum roof as well as green oak cladding and lots of natural light all make for a peaceful setting. A really unique feature is the wild swimming pool, which is a heated outdoor pond, complete with reeds and moss for a natural vibe.

Sustainable spa features:

  • A grass and sedum roof
  • Lots of natural light
  • A natural swimming pool
  • A no-waste restaurant
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Sustainable dining at Chewton Glen, New Forest

Known for its luxury credentials, Chewton Glen is based around a country house, but proprietors have worked hard to further develop it in a sustainable way, caring for the surrounding natural beauty of the New Forest National Park. In particular, their exquisite Treehouse Suites have been designed to ensure that the environmental impact remains minimal. Even the pruning work on the trees is done sensitively. Sustainable materials were used in the construction and doing as much as we can in terms of the fit-out of the Treehouse Suites to make sure that the suites are as sustainable as they can be, without compromising on quality. The Dining Room restaurant has also won multiple awards for its sustainable menu.

Sustainable spa features:

  • Sustainably built Treehouse Suites
  • An award-winning sustainable restaurant
  • Works with schools and colleges to promote environmental policies
  • Protects wildlife habitats and minimising our environmental impact in the grounds
  • Monitor the flora and fauna on the estates
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Eco-friendly at Gleneagles, Scotland


Gleneagles is essentially a byword for excellence whether you are visiting for the hotel, the spa, the golf course, or the whole experience. It has also consistently achieved gold status in the Green Tourism Business Scheme, the VisitScotland-endorsed initiative which seeks to make tourism more sustainable. Priding itself on the spectacular location that the hotel is set in, some of the practices Gleneagles employs include on-site composting of garden waste. Key features include the collection of used cooking oil for biodiesel, the biomass boiler heating system, sourcing of food, drink, and retail craft from local suppliers, the use of electric vehicles by housekeeping and florist teams, the installation of LED lighting in the hotel. signage in place for waste separation, and the distribution of unused fruit to horses at the Equestrian School.

Sustainable spa features:

  • On-site composting of garden waste
  • Used cooking oil is repurposed for biodiesel
  • A biomass boiler heating system
  • Electric vehicles
  • LED lighting
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Green tourism at Moor Hall Hotel and Spa, Birmingham

At this contemporary hotel and spa in Birmingham, being environmentally friendly is at the forefront of their company goals. Throughout the property they are dedicated to using alternative energy sources such as solar power, they source food locally and they use electric company vehicles wherever possible. They have even won two awards for their efforts. The hotel and spa is also part of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, a sustainable tourism certification for the UK.

Sustainable spa features:

  • Locally produced food ingredients
  • Reusable glass bottles
  • Honey from local beekeeper projects
  • 100% community-driven craft coffee
  • Biomass boiler
  • Solar panels help power the laundry and maintenance buildings
  • Energy saving LED bulbs
  • Electric car charging points
  • Food waste is sent to an anaerobic digestion plant
  • Chemical free cleaning system
  • Offer a guests the choice of offsetting their carbon dioxide emissions
  • Actively encourage wildlife in our woodlands
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Biofuels at Appleby Manor Hotel and Garden Spa, Cumbria

Appleby Manor

Surrounded by Lake District views, the adult-only spa at Appleby Manor Country House Hotel is aptly named The Garden Spa, and offers guests total escape in line with their philosophy of relaxation and luxury. Protecting that environment, they are careful to minimise their carbon footprint, reduce waste, commit to sustainable sourcing, and support the local community by incorporating it into the supply chain. In 2013 they started using a bio-fuel energy system which uses locally sourced wood chips reducing CO2 emissions by 100 tons per annum. They have drilled their own water bore hole so are self sufficient in water, reducing transportation and glass bottle waste. All glass and cardboard is recycled, and they had a composting system installed for 50% of food waste.

Sustainable spa features:

  • A bio-fuel energy system
  • Their own water bore hole
  • All glass and cardboard is recycled
  • A food composting system
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No plastic at The Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spa, North Yorkshire

This luxurious country escape on the Duke of Devonshire’s estate is all about doing things beautifully, including sustainability. Their motto is ‘Luxury without sacrifice to the environment’. They have a no plastic waste policy. They minimise their carbon footprint as much as possible. They use paper made from sustainable sources. They use energy saving light bulbs throughout the hotel wherever possible, and they recycle all glass, paper and plastic.

Sustainable spa features:

  • No plastic waste policy
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Sustainably sourced paper
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Recycle all glass, paper and plastic
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Solar power at The Spa at Carden Park, Cheshire

A spectacular spa in a 1000 acre estate, The Spa at Carden Park is all about the award-winning experiences and the landscape is a key part of that. It has its own vineyard producing its own English sparkling wine. The brand new spa uses herbs harvested from the grounds in treatments. As official Green Tourism members, sustainability was very much at the heart of their refurbishment scheme, and the exquisite modern spa has been designed around the idea of incorporating the natural world and celebrating it.

Sustainable spa features:

  • Extensive recycling programmes for paper, glass, water and food waste
  • All food waste is processed in a local Anaerobic Digester
  • Recycled glass water bottles
  • Spa manages waste water in a sustainable way and recycled
  • LED lighting
  • An electric golf buggy fleet
  • Electric charging points
  • PV solar panels are used across the roof of the main hotel and spa
  • Certain facilities within the spa, such as outdoor showers, are powered solely via solar panels
  • Food from local farmers and producers
  • In 16 years they have planted approximately 30,000 trees across the estate
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Environmentally aware at The Headland Hotel, Cornwall

This iconic hotel on a headland in Cornwall is independently run. Since the owners took it over in 1979 made improvements and repairs to the tune of £34million, transforming the iconic hotel from a property on the brink. As part of their eco-friendly commitments, they have invested in their very own ‘Pod-Point’ to charge electric cars. They have hybrid gym machines that create energy rather than use it. They use their own cardboard compactor and promote paper-saving initiatives and they don’t use plastic straws.

Sustainable spa features:

  • A ‘Pod-Point’ to charge electric cars
  • Hybrid gym machines
  • A cardboard compactor and paper-saving initiatives
  • No plastic straws
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