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Spa products during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when all sorts of elements in our daily routine are called into question, and depending on the country you live in and the advice around you, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a slightly different ethos to the next person. The same goes for spa products.


The bottom line with any advice is that it comes from a place of caring and wanting mum and baby to be safe. When it comes to spa treatments we have previously spoken about the reasons for particular treatment advice, how spas support women during pregnancy, and the theories behind avoiding spa treatments during the first trimester.

A fundamental part of spa treatments of course, are the products that are used, and there are a number of brands who have tailored their ingredients to mums-to-be. Talking to Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa’s Spa Therapy Manager Katie Pratt, she pointed out that some active ingredients in treatments, such as lavender, are generally avoided during pregnancy because there is a belief that it can bring on labour.

To be on the safe side, there are a number of brands that have been certified specifically for pregnancy, and most spa brands offer select treatments for mums to be. It’s not that ingredients in other products aren’t safe, it’s just that they simply haven’t been tested during pregnancy, so spas will err on the side of caution.  What follows here is by no means an exhaustive list of product lines that cater to mums to be, but simply a number that we like and come recommended by therapists we know and trust.

The most important thing is that you tell your therapist that you’re pregnant before you have a spa treatment, and preferably before you book your specific therapy. That way, they will be able to advise on the best treatment for you, and make sure that nothing is used that could have any hint of risk about it, so you can have total peace of mind that you and your baby are in safe hands.

Natura Bisse

Pennyhill Park’s prenatal brand of choice is Natura Bisse. Born in 1979, the brand made its name as an innovative, forward thinking and effective product line, and when it comes to their dedicated prenatal products, they are rich, luscious and are a wonderful treat when your skin is most at risk of stretch marks, repairing and stimulating skin and nourishing it.

Mama Mio

The clue is in the name for Mama Mio, created by four women who conceived the line for personal use because they couldn’t find anything that they felt supported their bodies through pregnancy.  The idea was to create simple, clean products free of nasties, that were safe and able to elastify, calm, nourish and protect the skin while making sure that each and every product smelled incredibly good. It’s about personal indulgence and peace of mind all at once.


A world renowned name in the spa industry, ESPA offers a range of prenatal treatments, and you know it’s always gonna be good. Designed to relieve areas prone to stress and tension during pregnancy, they offer pre and post natal treatments to restore your sense of wellbeing, recharge the body and target specific predicaments such as swollen legs or low energy levels.


Another spa queen, Elemis offers a collection of prenatal treatments which have been thoroughly researched and carefully formulated treatments have been designed to nurture and support a woman through pregnancy. Like ESPA, they are aimed to target specific concerns during pregnancy through face and body treatments, but with a very gentle touch, not to mention that all important sense of luxury.


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