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LUXlife Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2023 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards

LUXlife magazine has announced the winners of this year’s Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards and has been named the Best Spa Travel Agency 2023.

The Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards were launched to determine and recognise the best of these companies and their world-leading products, services and experts, and this year saw an immense selection of businesses in the health, beauty, and wellness sphere become even more accomplished than before. That backdrop is a reminder of what a joy it is for us to be part of this amazing industry and to sit alongside so many incredible companies and individuals.

They said: "We all deserve to feel special, pampered, and well both mentally and physically. This year’s winners all offer us different options for improving our quality of life and introduce new ways to generate more self-confidence."

Of, they said: "As a result of its customer-focused values and its dedication to increasing accessibility in the industry, has been awarded Best Spa Travel Agency in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this success and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Abi and her team.

Changing the spa industry

Operating in the UK, offers low-cost spa days, holidays, bootcamps, recovery retreats, and spa and theatre packages for individuals, groups, and everyone in between. On our website, customers can browse a range of special offers that they won’t find elsewhere. We have worked hard to build an ever-growing network of partner brands who it works with to deliver exclusive deals and discounts that customers will find tempting, if not irresistible.

Through this, we aim to achieve our mission of opening up the spa industry to those who may have previously felt marginalised due to factors such as high costs, personal health issues, and the industry’s inaccessible image. We believe that every person deserves a safe space to enjoy wellness and quality time with loved ones while relaxing in fluffy white robes and slippers. Spa breaks are the perfect treat for any special occasion, whether customers are looking for a romantic escape, a day to catch up with friends, or some time to themselves. For this reason, aims to minimise any accessibility barriers, making the industry welcoming to all.

A spa break for everybody

Working with both businesses and consumers, we have a two pronged approach. On the business side, works directly with spas to create packages and market them in the best way possible for their target markets, providing them with industry insights to help them improve sales while enhancing the experience of their customers.

To consumers, provides a booking platform through which they can find, choose, and book spa packages across the UK and around the world. The platform was the first in the industry to offer a diverse range of booking options and communications, including online chat, email, phone, and online booking. Our highly trained team is knowledgeable and informed, enabling us to offer advice and help people find the best destination to suit their needs.

With more than 600 partner spa destinations, we strive to market packages effectively while listening to the needs of our customers, effectively responding to their feedback. This allows us to innovate, lead, and contribute towards systematic change in the industry. For example, we have worked with other leaders to change the way in which guests with cancer are welcomed into spas and treated during their stay. Where they were once barred from spa experiences, those who have experienced cancer can now more easily book a spa destination with appropriately qualified therapists.

Spas and the nation's wellbeing

In 2008, Abi Selby founded in order to open up the spa industry to a wider audience, showcase the value of spa experiences to the nation’s wellbeing, market spa experiences dynamically, and make the industry more accessible. Today, these goals remain the driving force behind the company, our structures, and how we operate.

Moving forwards, the main goal of the business is to promote the role the spa industry has the potential to play in supporting the nation’s wellbeing and taking some of the pressure off the NHS. Working with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty and Wellbeing as well as other leading organisations, we have obtained data that demonstrates that complementary therapies can lead to a significant reduction in doctors’ visits, saving the NHS a large amount of money. For this reason, is dedicated to championing the value of the spa industry to the UK.

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