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Teenage spa treatments to for mental and physical wellbeing

teenage spa treatments

While many spas are adult only, there are a number that offer teenage spa treatments available, which offer benefits ranging from relaxation to learning about self care in a positive way.

Going back to school can be stressful, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. For many this year is filled with more anxiety than normal, and lots of parents and teachers have been left wondering how to help their kids to manage stress and anxiety. We have often spoken about the value of spa treatments as part of overall wellbeing management, helping to ease mental strain as well as physical aches and pains. 

While a spa treatment isn’t going to solve all your problems, it can be a meaningful part of wellbeing management, and early introductions to those tools for health and wellbeing can be fun, important in their own right, and also provide time and space to slow things down and give parents and teens a chance to spend time together - which is usually when we start talking about what’s on our minds.

Here are a few favourites to give you inspiration…

Little Miss teenage spa treatments

Brooklands Spa Hotel in Surrey offers a Little Miss Piece of Heaven spa day using the Little Miss product range for teenagers aged 13 to 17 years. From the perfect mini facial incorporating a cleanse, mask and moisturise, as well as a nourishing hands and arms massage to mini manicures that shape, moisturise and polish leaving hands and nails sparkling bright, these are a great way to spend time unwinding, feeling good and being in the moment.

Teenage spa treatments from Elemis

The Ickworth is a magnificent spa hotel that offers an Adult and Child Time Together with a 15-minute mini treatment suitable for children aged eight to 16 years old. They use Elemis skincare products in all their treatments, and when it comes to teens they tend to veer towards gentle relaxation - never anything too strong - and best followed up with an afternoon tea to share.

Teenage skincare from Natural Spa Factory

Known for their beautiful and innovative products (think chocolate facials and gold scrubs), the Natural Spa Factory is a real treat when it comes to wellbeing. Their teen skincare range, which can be used for spa at home treatments and is sometimes used in select spas to offer spa therapies. For example, their Passion Flower Youth Blast is hydrating, light on the skin and non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores). Their Apricot Oil is great for sensitive or dry skin bursting with vitamins A and E, and their Jojoba Liquid Wax is anti-bacterial and prevents damage from free radicals.


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