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TEMPLESPA announces new menopause and mood boosting treatment

Here the luxury skincare brand talk about what, why and how they're supporting women in menopause.

Luxury spa and skincare brand, TEMPLESPA has announced a new and unique top-to-toe treatment bespoke to each customer, created to support women during their 'second spring' aka menopause. The one-hour therapy is designed to energise and nurture, choosing from a warm or cool treatment depending on your symptoms. Here they talk about what it is and why they wanted to create a spa treatment specifically to support women in menopause.

What makes your menopause treatments different to other therapies?

We knew we had to create something completely different and unique to anyone else. As well as speaking with women experiencing menopausal symptoms, our treatment development team consulted with doctors, yoga and mindfulness coaches and of course our own product development team and the discussions led to the overwhelming need for balance. Balance in mood, skin, sleep and balancing time for oneself.

A combination of CBD, green mandarin and Himalayan salt rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium is a match made in heaven and when we trialled the treatment we knew we had it right. The attention to detail really is key, from our TEMPLESPA music that links with the rhythms of massage, cool sheets instead of towels, options of warm or cool, and massage movements that purposely confuse the mind that enables the guest to truly relax rather than counting steps.

The feedback was exceptional, actually they wanted more! So we now have a 60- and 90-minute option for those really wanting to take time out. This feedback is reiterated by our therapists who are so important to us. They love that it is simple, effective, nurturing and they get the results guests want, resulting in repeat bookings. It’s quite a special and innovative treatment.

Why did you feel it was important to support women in menopause holistically?

An estimated 13 million women in the UK are experiencing the menopause and we know a large proportion of these ladies visit our spas to help relax and recharge their batteries. The varying symptoms that are experienced are discussed on a daily basis with our spa therapists from help with the skin, joint aches through to helping with sleep and balancing their emotions. We felt it important to empower and support firstly our therapists to further understand this stage in their life and how they can provide a tailored and nurturing treatment.

What happens during the treatments?

During the consultation the guest is guided through the protocol and asked whether they would like the Himalayan salt stones warmed or cooled- this can also be adapted at any point during the treatment in case of a sudden hot flush.

The treatment begins face down on cool cotton sheets and with all TEMPLESPA treatments we ground the guest with breath work and aromatherapy to help clear the mind. We start with gentle stretches and joint rotation to increase mobility and then uncovering one side of the body, warm oil is drizzled from the ankle to the nape of the neck.

We then use a combination of Himalayan salt stones and the therapist's hands to rhythmically massage up the meridians of the body to purposely balance and nurture. We then apply DUVET, our velvety body cream to soothe and hydrate the skin. We repeat with the guest face up and also incorporate a gentle lymphatic facial massage using ingredients such as probiotics, liquorice and aubergine to calm and reduce puffiness leaving the skin fresh and beautiful.

Do you think the spa industry has an important role to play in the wider world of wellness?

Absolutely. For many people, their wellness journey begins in-spa. It is often here where they first embark on a treatment or a class. The spa industry often provides an education and introduction into the world of wellness so that guests can go on to practise in their own time. By visiting the spa, one can establish an approach to wellness that best suits their needs from an expert. For those with specific symptoms to address such as those of menopause, our experts within the spa can provide a calming treatment to help the guest who may then go on to use the products, and the content on the TEMPLESPA website to further enhance their wellness journey in response to their menopausal symptoms. This is what makes the spa’s role so vital, to set the guest up for an effective ongoing wellness experience whilst also providing some immediate relief.

What's the most common challenge women in menopause talk to you about?

The most common feedback to us as a skincare brand is the change in their skin. At TEMPLESPA we believe in a great skincare regimen, putting well-being as a personal priority with relaxation techniques and positive thinking, add in some mindfulness and meditation and this all adds up to a better you. Eating well, being focussed on moving and finding ways to look after your body that best suits you will also help with all stages of menopause. Understanding the changes our bodies and minds are going through helps us to understand how to prepare from peri-menopause to post-menopause. However, we all have different experiences and understanding a little more about what’s changing in our mind, body and soul helps us to journey through this time knowing that how we are feeling is actually quite normal and we are not alone. Historically menopause has been a taboo subject and we believe that the more we talk about it, share experiences, hints and tips all the better. We interviewed our skincare expert and Head of Product Michael McClean to share some insight into the changes our skin can go through, what causes these changes and which products can help. Liz Warom, Our MD and Co-Founder also shares her insight and expertise on best skincare products for dealing with these changes.

What are the top three changes we see in our skin during menopause?

Menopause means a decline in Oestrogen during perimenopause before menstruation ceases. This can begin as early as mid-40s for some women, but that decline happens somewhat unevenly, bringing on erratic skin behaviour. During this time, it can feel like you’re part-teenager, with breakouts that pop up out of nowhere, and part maturing women with extreme dryness, lack of hydration, redness, itchy patches. Oestrogen levels continue to decline until you hit menopause, when you’ve stopped menstruating for at least 12 consecutive months. Then you’re considered post-menopausal. Your skin issues may be more subtle in perimenopause and more severe post-menopause, but skin pros treat them equally. “When it comes to my patients’ skin, I don’t delineate between perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause—they all affect the skin similarly,” says Leslie Baumann, MD, a dermatologist in Miami. First let’s first look at the changes to the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. It takes around 28 days for a new skin cell to make its way to the surface, by which point it’s dead and of little use; left on the skin these skin cells make the skin look dull, tired, lacking in radiance and will over time congest the pores. That’s why for the most youthful, radiant skin, we need to regularly exfoliate and polish the surface.

During menopause skin cells that contain pigment decrease and those that remain behind get bigger and so age spots develop resulting in an uneven skin tone and patchy colour. This is further exacerbated by exposure to UV light from the sun and blue light from our devices and inside lighting. One way or another we’re in the company of these constantly now, aren’t we? Dryness is a sign that your skin’s outer protective barrier isn’t up to standard. As Oestrogen levels fall, the skin’s epidermis thickens, reducing oil production. Skin becomes drier, and tiny microtears can form, allowing moisture to escape and irritants and allergens to enter. As a result, skin becomes easily irritated, and you may also see an increase in inflammatory skin conditions. “My eczema got worse during perimenopause.”

For some women maybe for the first time, hormonal spots and even acne can show up. Their skin has changed for the first time in years. For some it reverted back to being a teenager - it’s spotty, blemished and greasy. But as their skin isn’t that of a teenager, they have to treat it differently. So we’re advising on using different TEMPLESPA products, but also how they use them and when to use them. It’s also about looking at your diet - as we’re not experts on this we’ve consulted with people who are and have some brilliant advice on our website talking about nutrition, mediations and guided visualisations.

Where can people currently get these treatments?

We’re in the midst of training now and have a great selection of spas that are now experts in our YOUR BEST YOU treatment. Here’s where you can enjoy this outstanding treatment in a stunning setting:

Read our interview with Liz Warom, Co-Founder of TEMPLESPA

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