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The benefits of an Ayurvedic lifestyle in five minutes

Taking your spa experience and giving it long term benefits, Doreen Young, Spa Director at Mii Amo in Nevada, and her team are masters of the Ayurvedic retreat, but with the promise of providing you with the tools you need to carry that home with you. Here’s what you need to know in five minutes….

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What is an Ayurvedic lifestyle?

The Sanskrit word for Ayurvedic Lifestyle is “dincharya”, which refers to a vast system of knowledge prescribing lifestyle techniques based upon an individual’s unique constitution (Dosha). Lifestyle techniques include, but are not limited to: Ayurvedic nutrition, detoxification, therapeutic herbs, bodywork therapies, yoga, meditation, relationships, and geographical influences and more.

How does it benefit us - mind and body?

Ayurvedic Lifestyle techniques are both preventive and curative holistic therapies that can heal disease and bring overall balance, resilience, immunity and longevity.

What is its history?

Ayurveda is India’s holistic system of healing dating back at least 5,000 years.

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How can we apply it in 21st century life?

Ayurveda is just as applicable today as it was thousands of years ago, because it teaches us about the energetic properties of the patient/guest and his/her external world while assessing compatibilities and incompatibilities between the two.

How can an Ayurvedic lifestyle help with stress?

Stress, being the precursor to most disease is greatly mitigated by integration of Ayurvedic Lifestyle techniques. Many of these techniques are easy to integrate into one’s daily life and will bring balance to all parts of the individual (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), thus reducing stress and moving towards optimal health.

What are the most common concerns people come to Mii Amo with?

The most common concerns guests bring to an Ayurvedic consult are: chronic health issues that mainstream medicine has failed to remedy, a desire to learn more about nutrition, detoxification and weight loss, digestive issues, skin problems, autoimmune diagnoses, seeking overall balance/stress reduction in life, challenges navigating significant change/stress in life, hormonal imbalances, curiosity to learn more about Ayurveda, recommendations from others that Ayurveda may be able to help. Ayurveda is applicable to any illness/disease, as well as overall stress management.

How do you address those problems?

Every session is customized for the guest, based upon their unique constitution (Dosha). Guests are given numerous Lifestyle techniques which they can (and should) slowly integrate over time.

How can you continue the principles when you leave?

Guests are given resources (books, websites and Ayurvedic practitioners in their locale). When appropriate, I recommend guests see me for a follow-up on their next visit to Mii Amo. I wish we had a way to do follow-ups with guests after they get home, so we don’t have to refer them to an Ayurvedic practitioner elsewhere.


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