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The Menopause Million: the largest global research project into menopause

Are you one in a million?

Women don't get enough support when it comes to menopause... or any hormone related issues to be honest. That's the overarching message that's been surfacing over the last year, and generated particularly wide-reaching commentary last month during Menopause Awareness Day.

The issue now, is that while awareness is growing, solutions are not. Since the 1960s, HRT has been the primary offering for women experiencing unwanted menopause symptoms - many of which are often quite debilitating.

Since then, not much has changed... unless you count the addition of antidepressants into the solution pool. While those work for some women, others can't take them, don't want to take them or want to combine those medical options with other holistic solutions to help have a healthy menopause. The problem? There's no sizeable amount of evidence, and there is an awful lot of mixed messaging when it comes to things that can really help.

The key to unlocking different options is in the research, and now The Menopause Million - the largest global research project into menopause - promises to deliver just that.

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The unrepresented 60%

From research dating to 1996 it is estimated (using the age of 50 as a proxy for menopause), that about 25 million women go into menopause each year. The State of Menopause Study estimated in 2021 that 73% of women don't treat their symptoms. Yet, menopausal symptoms affect more than 75% of women and over 25% describe severe symptoms (British Menopause Society).

Skincare and therapist training expert, Jennifer Young, did her own research before launching her menopause specific skincare line and spa qualifications, and she found that more than 60% of women choose not to see a doctor about menopause consequences, even when they find them severely disruptive, because they don’t think they will be able to help.

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The largest research project into menopause

As a result, this month, Jennifer launched The Menopause Million - the largest global research study into menopausal symptoms ever undertaken, collecting the big data needed to improve healthcare outcomes for women experiencing hormonal change. She launches it as part of her work with the Global Wellness Institute, where she leads the Hormonal Wellness Initiative alongside other industry leaders.

The Hormonal Wellness Initiative's goal is to provide greater understanding of hormones, their impact on our quality of life, and increase the ability of the wellness industry to offer support to individuals through active research leading to hormonal wellness education and protocols. The Menopause Million is the Hormonal Wellness Initiative's flagship research project. The key, however is in the numbers and they're aiming for one million women to take part.

The study is in the form of a questionnaire, to better understand the unwanted consequences of menopause, the accompanying changes (good and not so good) and self-reported solutions. Ultimately by bringing together big data and clinical expertise, it aims to understand and support women better, by enabling more holistic and effective solutions through hormonal change.

"I can't count the number of times that women have told me they have been told it's HRT, antidepressants or nothing to help them cope with the consequences of menopause. Menopause is a natural stage of life, at a time where women have so much to offer at work, at home, and for themselves. There are more options available, it's just that no one has taken the time to gather the evidence that they work. We need to understand women better, we need to listen to what they want, and we need to support them in ways that give them autonomy over their own bodies. That starts here and now." - Jennifer Young

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