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The therapist’s view: learning Jennifer Young’s spa treatments for clients with cancer

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Macdonald Resorts recently became the first collection of its kind to introduce therapist training and products to make spa treatments safe for clients with cancer. Here, Macdonald therapist Yvonne explains how the Jennifer Young spa treatments training has made a difference to her and how it enhanced the reason she became a therapist in the first place…

Why did you become a spa therapist?

It was an option I enjoyed at college and then when I went on to university I studied it further. I got my first job with Macdonald Resorts and loved it so I have stayed ever since. I have always enjoyed the process of doing the treatments but also that you can see it is helping clients. It’s a really nice thing to treat someone this way and you get a huge sense of satisfaction when you see the results.

Why did you want to do the Jennifer Young spa treatments training?

When people have phoned the spa to book a treatment in the past, but are going through cancer treatment, we have always had to ask for a doctor’s note. It’s a horrible thing to have to ask for, and it feels as though you’re creating barriers to them enjoying the spa experience and having time to relax. We really wanted to be able to stop that and make people feel that we could treat anyone.

What did you enjoy about it?

I enjoyed the theory and the practical parts of the course. I like the practical because it’s hands on with clients who are going through cancer or have been through it. So it’s great to get an idea of what makes them happy and find out what they’re going through to understand how your treatment makes them feel. Some had a full body massage, others manicures or pedicures. Seeing how happy they were afterwards was wonderful. The treatments made a real difference and this training makes them possible where they weren’t before, because of the products and protocols.

Did you find it difficult at all?

People go through really difficult experiences and as you find out a little about it, it gets quite emotional. If you know anyone who’s gone through the same thing as well, then it really brings it home.

Did anything surprise you about the experience?

I find it quite different to the regular treatments we offer. The knowledge and the processes were very different to other product lines and protocols, but it was great to learn something new. It’s very hands on, so it’s quite tiring, but worth it.

Do you feel learning the spa treatments made you a better therapist?

Yes definitely. Just because we don’t have to turn people away anymore. The knowledge it gives you makes you more confident that you treat a patient without worrying that you will hurt them, and that’s really rewarding.


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