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Planning time together with spa gifts for Valentine’s Day and everyday

Valentine's Day - time together

January might have been the month of me-time, but February is normally an opportunity to spend quality time together with the people we care about the most, not just because of Valentine’s Day but because of the spirit of togetherness it brings. While the situation might not be quite as we would like it this year, we can still put the time to good use by thinking about those we love and planning time together in the not too distant future.

Spending time together isn’t just for Valentine’s Day

As you know, February is the month typically associated with Valentine’s Day. However, this month of celebrating love and togetherness doesn’t just have to be about romance. It can be a whole month of consciously planning space and opportunities to catch up with the most cherished people in our lives including friends, parents and children as well as partners, as soon as we’re able to.

Maybe you’re craving quality time with your partner, or perhaps you haven’t been able to sit down with your mum in longer than you can remember. It might be that your husband or wife has been working so hard that you barely get to say hello - even in lockdown. Or that your best friend is about to have a baby and you haven’t been able to properly celebrate this special time with her. Something that you can both look forward to, like a spa day, can be a positive and cherished period of anticipation - something to talk about, look forward to and then, ultimately enjoy when the time comes.

Time together is part of our emotional wellbeing

Valentine's Day

In many ways spas are associated with self care. Offering the quiet time of a treatment and the restorative powers of thermal suites and facilities. Equally, they are perfect for romantic retreats thanks to the sense of indulgence, especially when spa treatments come with an indulgent theme such as a chocolate rasul therapy to share or a strawberries and cream couple’s treatment.

However, it is the tranquility, lack of interruption (it’s considered poor manners to have your mobile phone on in a spa for example), feel good factor and time away from the world’s white noise that makes them perfect for spending time together with anyone you care about. Considering wellbeing to not just be about physical health but emotional wellbeing as well, spas are perfect environments for nursing the friendships and relationships that are fundamental to our happiness. None of us have had enough time for that in recent months, so now it’s time to plan to make up for it.

How spas create the space for quality time

Valentine's Day

A spa day or break is a caring and thoughtful way to have fun, show you care and remove all the interruptions, making sure you and the people you care about get the chance to enjoy meaningful, quality time together. Time to focus on being in the moment, time to focus on the needs of the people you love, and time to show that you’re thinking about them.

So having spent January focusing on self-care, and with Valentine’s Day still in lockdown this year, why not use February to extend the love beyond Valentine’s Day, and make it all about planning time together, with the people you care about the most.


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