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Tried and tested: Temple Spa Sensitive Skincare

Skincare products are the other side of the coin when it comes to beautiful spa experiences, allowing you to take a little piece of the self-care ritual home and continue it in daily life. Temple Spa has been a longstanding favourite for spa lovers - a brand built on natural ingredients and inspired by Mediterranean living.

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about their new partnership with The Amethyst Trust, in order to make it easier for clients who have experienced cancer to find therapies that are suitable before, during and after treatment. Part of that, was ensuring they had products that were suited to those therapies as well as for at home care. They quickly realised that their Sensitive skincare line fit the bill organically - designed simply to be gentle irrespective of cancer treatment, and we had the opportunity to try them out.

The really lovely things about the line are that there’s lots of gorgeous products which means you can really have fun and feel indulged, but they are extremely gentle so only seem to serve to soothe instead of aggravate the skin (in our experience).

Temple Spa sensitive skincare

A few favourites in the sensitive skincare collection included:

Toning Essence - sensitive skincare

This alcohol-free hydrating toner is refreshing and gentle. With a distinct, classic scent, it can be used as a spritz as well as a cleansing toner to clear the day away. It’s a fusion of ingredients that remind you of holiday markets - tomato, lemon, orange, melon, rosemary, basil, mandarin, lime and ginger, so it’s got oodles of feel good factor.

Be Still moisturiser - sensitive skincare

This gentle prebiotic moisturiser, soothes and hydrates the skin. It’s got a lovely consistency and is brimming with vitamins A and E as well as a complex with Mediterranean botanicals of basil, aubergine, liquorice and apricot.

Temple Spa sensitive skincare toner

Be Strong serum

This strengthening and brightening serum is the perfect treat for when you want to give your skin a bit of a boost. It’s a cocktail of vitamins, liquorice extract and Mediterranean botanicals. It soothes redness and generally makes it feel like you’ve given skin that extra layer of armour.

Be Gone cleanser

There’s a natural inclination towards using cleansers that feel quite aggressive in a bid to make skin feel clean. However, cream and balm cleansers used with a muslin cloth are a beautiful way of cleansing sensitive skin, whilst nurturing them as well. This cream cleanser aims to settle and soothe sensitive skin, helping to restore its microbiome thanks to a powerful prebiotic.

Temple Spa sensitive skincare facial oil

It’s all Good facial oil

As big fans of facial oils, this was probably our favourite item in the collection. It’s a hydrating face oil that’s actually designed for all skin types. It’s highly moisturising and aims to plump the skin and smooth visible signs of ageing. It’s a concoction of Vitamin E, peach kernel, sunflower and olive oil. You put it on and let it settle into your skin for five minutes before applying your moisturiser. It leaves skin with a lovely warm feeling that makes you feel really healthy and glowing.

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