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Use this year’s most fashionable stress-relief technique to get in the Valentine’s Day mood

EFT - tapping

Ever struggle to turn off from work and turn on with your partner at home? Tapping is fast becoming this year’s most fashionable stress-relief technique and it could help you to get in the Valentine’s Day mood…

With busy working lives and plenty of daily pressures, even in the most loving relationship it can be hard to switch from the daily grind into the role of loving and attentive partner.  However, Valentine’s Day can bring extra pressure, especially when it falls in the middle of the week.

Here, Gill Crane, explains how Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or ‘tapping’, can help you leave work at the office and focus your attentions on your partner and your relationship at home.

You’ve booked the hotel, you’ve bought the flowers, but it’s not always easy to separate yourself from work to enjoy quality time with your partner, especially on Valentine’s Day.  It’s important to switch off the outside world to enjoy each other’s company but life stresses have s habit of getting in the way.

I am sure that you will be familiar with the following scenarios:

  • A crisis at work on Friday afternoon when you were planning to get away early (why do they always happen on a Friday afternoon?)
  • Finances are not looking so good this month after the December credit card bill comes in and can you afford a weekend away right now?
  • The mother-in-law moved in for a few days over Christmas and seems to be showing no sign of leaving.
  • The baby has been ill all night, nobody has had any sleep and is it a good idea to leave an ill baby with the babysitter?

All these stresses mount up and can leave you feeling so depleted and anxious that it’s difficult to relax and enjoy yourself no matter how hard you try.

You want to switch from work to play so that you can have fun with your partner, but you need something to change the mindset.  This is where tapping can be extremely helpful. And because of its simplicity and effectiveness, it is becoming more and more popular.

Used by celebrities like Lily Allen and Michael Ball, tapping works on a huge variety of issues.  The one I am going to focus on today is de-stressing and having fun with your partner.

It works by thinking about how you feel.  Then you give the feeling a name and say a mantra on the feeling whilst tapping on six acupuncture points on the face and collar bone.

You will find that after five or ten minutes you will feel better.  It’s as simple as that.

Let’s give it a try:

  • Think about how you feel, it’s important to be honest about this and give your feeling a name. Examples are: stressed, anxious, angry or frustrated.
  • Let’s say you feel stressed because your partner is late home on your special night together. You rate your feeling on a  scale of one to 10.One is not very stressed and 10 being very stressed.
  • Then you tap on six acupuncture points on your face and collarbone seven times each. At the same time you say the mantra below, breathing in and out between each point.  Then rate your stress again.

‘Even though I feel stressed as xxx is late back, I accept myself.’

  • Then you keep tapping until you feel better.  You might want to expand on it a bit, just be aware of how you feel. You might find that you feel hurt, angry, let down, frustrated, taken for granted. Tap on all of those. Don’t hold back.
  • After five or 10 minutes you will feel much more relaxed and instead of taking it out on your partner, you are more likely to feel like enjoying each other’s company. Which is, after all, what relationships are about.
Gill Crane

Gill Crane

Gill has a background in Finance and Management.  She came across EFT in 2003 after finding it difficult to conceive her son. Gill then became an EFT practitioner after discovering how effective it was.

Gill has helped clients with many issues ranging from general stress to weight management and relationship issues. She works intuitively, which greatly speeds up the process and she has a very high success rate.

Gill is passionate about EFT and ultimately would like to take EFT to prisons, schools and hospitals.  Gill practices from Grayshott Health Spa and has a private practice in Guildford, Surrey, she also does sessions by Skype.

Email Gill for a free Guide to EFT for Valentine’s Day, your love life will thank you for it, enjoy. Alternatively, book an EFT session with Gill at Grayshott Medical Spa.

You can contact Gill directly at

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