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What are the benefits of giving a Spa Package Gift Voucher?

There’s more than one way to give spa gift vouchers to make them suit you and the person you would like to treat. Ultimately, a gift voucher is all about giving someone quality time. So offering different ways of receiving, booking and enjoying them is crucial to making the spa experience seamless and totally relaxing. 

We’ve already told you a little about our Gift of Spa vouchers. They enable you to give someone a choice of experiences when it comes to where and when they redeem their spa voucher at more than 300 spas in the UK and Ireland. And in the coming days we’re going to tell you a little more about our Monetary Gift Vouchers and Corporate Gift Vouchers.

A gift voucher for your favourite spa

Today though, we wanted to share a little more about our Spa Package Gift Vouchers. These are perfect if you have a favourite spa destination that you really want to give a loved one the chance to experience and enjoy. Or perhaps your loved one has told you about a spa they’re desperate to visit. 

With a Spa Package Gift Voucher you can select a spa experience at a specific destination of choice, and see everything that’s included. So when it comes to booking, your friend or loved one knows exactly what they’re getting but without knowing the price tag. All they have to do is choose a date!

Now you can also save 10% in the lead up to Christmas by using the code GIFT10 when you purchase.


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