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Who fancies Diamond Kisses?

Bellydancer and Bollywood fitness expert Sara Stafford talks about the lipstick with a glittery difference that Marilyn Monroe would be proud of…


When I was little my younger sister Anne and I always played and made up lipstick potions and lotions to come up with our own little brand. We were only four and eight years old at the time but we always said that one day we would create our own make-up brand. Anne absolutely loved Marilyn Monroe and from there went on to study art and design. She always loved unusual make-up, creating her own company Hocus Pocus, which dressed people and establishments in fab costumes and unusual make-up .

In 2011 Anne was sadly taken from us after battling with cervical cancer. I kept our dream alive by opening Diamond Kisses, and in remembrance of Anne I included Marilyn Monroe in my posters, branding and artwork. I feel my sis is with me every day at work which gives me great happiness!

So, to explain a bit more about the brand itself, I run bellydance and Bollywood fitness classes, and as you can imagine, we are often required to do shows video shoots, so for that we really wanted something with extra wow factor, but on a more practical level, we needed something that lasted a long time during film takes - it’s a total hassle to re-apply all the time. Enter Diamond Kisses stage left…

It’s the only 3D lipstick on the market, and comes in 21 different colours which are constantly being updated to match the seasons, but to add to its versatility, it can also be used on lips, eyes and nails. There is a special adhesive which is used for the lips; you apply it first then immediately add the glitter on top. It’s waterproof, kiss proof and smudge proof, but I would suggest trying to avoid greasy foods when wearing it, and if possible drink through a straw to add to its longevity.

Aside from being great for nights out, I currently sponsor one of the GB synchronised swimmers as well as Miss Wales and local celebrities, all of whom attest to its practicality as well as its prettiness, which is a pretty good recommendation if you ask me!

Use glitter for the eyes by applying a specialised (safe) eye adhesive, and if you’re applying it to nails can be used easily with any clear nail varnish.

I love spreading the sparkle of Diamond kisses into everyone’s lives, after all everyone loves to sparkle!

Check out Mercure Holland House Hotel, where Diamond Kisses is used for that touch of sparkle!

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