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Sleep like a Spabreaker

How we're highlighting the positive power of spas for a better night's rest.

April is National Stress Awareness Month and as the clocks spring forward heralding the imminent arrival of warmer days, I think we're all excited for the fun, entertainment and holiday adventures that it promises to bring. The only problem is that everywhere I look, everyone's exhausted.

Reports show that lots of us struggle with sleeplessness and a good night's sleep is one of our most powerful tools for managing stress and taking care of our wellbeing. Yet, amongst the many statistics on the subject, Mental Health UK estimates that 79% of us struggle to switch off at bedtime and 60% of us wake up in the night with thoughts of work and other worries.

Stress and sleep

Speaking to a sleep expert who has collaborated on The Good Sleep Retreat at Ockenden Manor, she notes that while stress isn't always the cause of bad sleep, there are a lot of stress factors in our lives that can make sleep challenging. Equally, not sleeping is stressful in itself.

From those with a lot on their mind to those who are stuck in a hyper alert way of being, flooding the body with stress hormones, our sleep can be a fragile thing and it's easy for our minds and bodies to get into the habit of having a disrupted pattern.

Positive power of spa

I know from personal experience that while spas might not have all the answers, they do have a lot that they can offer to help us reconnect with our bodies, relax into ourselves and help give us tools for improving rest and even sleep.

Aromatherapy (at home or as part of a massage) is a perennial favourite, while the Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or (appropriately) R.E.S.T employed during an isopod treatment is well worth the experience. The soothing benefits of thalassotherapy or hydrotherapy are always joyful, or simply learning to breathe deeper in a thermal suite, salt cave or in a multi-sensory Mind Therapy Room is worth doing to get to know your body better.

Time for self-care

Amongst my team and I we have been saying that after all the days dedicated to other people between Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and even the family-feast that is Easter, now we're ready to sleep 'til summer with a little more me-time and a little more self care.

For that reason, we're dedicating National Stress Awareness Month to the positive power of sleep, with spa, aromatherapy and wellness tips, ideas, treatments, experiences, days and breaks to help you nod off. We're even giving away TEMPLESPA nighttime skincare products to enhance the feel-good-factor at home. With all the joys of spring and promise of summer in the air, I truly hope that rest and relaxation are on the cards for you - maybe even a little extra sleep.

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