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Why it works … Hammam Exfoliations

Putting a bit of a twist on a simple classic, Lingfield Park Marriott’s Head Therapist, Wynsey Heakin, explains the benefits of an exfoliation combined with their own unique brand of hammam …

What exactly are Hammam Exfoliations?

We have four types of exfoliation which all use a mineral rich salt peeling using micronised volcanic rock for power-packed detoxification.  The Maritime Salt and Body Peel combines the salt peel and a milk bath which contains milk peptides and soya beans to retain moisture; the Khanya of Africa combines the salt peel with Khanya oil - the key ingredient being a nourishing Marula oil; Scentao of Asia uses the salt peel and a Scentao oil containing green tea, gingko and ginsing to strengthen the skin’s natural defences; and the Aromatherapy Body peel features the salt peel  with a choice of energising, relaxing, or balancing oils.  Clients can choose which exfoliation they have before they visit or we can talk through the options based on their consultation prior to the treatment.  We then take them into our hammam room which has two heated beds, and clients are talked through the treatment procedure and then asked to  lie down on their back while we apply the salt scrub all over the body and then rinse it off with warm water.  We then do the same on their back finishing with an application of the relevant oil and combining it with a massage on both sides of the body.

Where does it come from?

The treatments were designed by Babor specifically for our spa and the hammam facility that we have.  Babor is a German brand using the natural thermal spring water found in Arachen in Germany as well as ingredients like Micronised rock and Elsberries.  The use of the hammam room is based on the traditional concept from Turkey, but ours has been adapted for the spa environment and is designed as a wet room with a relaxation bath which can be used as an added element to the experience to aid relaxation.

What is it supposed to do?

The exfoliation is designed to remove dead skin cells and refine the skin, but the different combinations all work in a slightly different way - the milk bath is soothing and moisturising.  The different oils that you can opt for have their own properties:  Khanya of Africa is nourishing; Centre of Asia is stimulating; and the aromatherapy oils can help you to feel relaxed or energised.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

The consultation is key to ascertaining exactly what the client is looking for, once this has been established we can provide a treatment to suit.  The hammam beds enhance the experience of an exfoliation treatment as the client isn’t disrupted half way through to have to shower and they are constantly kept warm by the heated beds and warm water.

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre or post-treatment to get the most out of it?

It is always a good idea to use the steam room and sauna before an exfoliation as it helps to relax the pores and make the exfoliation work more effectively.  We would always then offer aftercare advice specific to the clients needs and advise they exfoliate once to twice a week at home to keep the results of the treatment lasting as long as possible.  We then give the client some water and show them through to our relaxation area.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatment for?

Each exfoliation suits each person differently which is why we have a choice and the therapist will help guide the client to which one would be best for them.

Is there anyone who should not have this treatment and why?

The only reason we may advise someone against choosing an exfoliation is if they have eczema, dermatitis, open cuts or have only just had an operation.  Because of the aromatherapy oils it isn’t suitable for pregnant women, and anyone who has recently had cancer should discuss it with their therapist beforehand to determine whether the treatment is suitable or can be adapted or alternatively have a letter from their GP confirming they are ok to be treated.

To go to Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel visit  or contact the team on 0800 043 6600.

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