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Why it works … Montcalm Scrub

When it comes to summer vacations, the joy of going away can only be enhanced by showing off that new found healthy glow on your return … so we asked The Montcalm’s Spa Manager, Jag Saini all about the treatment that can make your holiday smug factor last that little bit longer!

What does the Montcalm Scrub involve?

It’s a 30 minute full body treatment using a lime and ginger scented salt scrub and an aromatherapy oil.  There is a choice between three oils, so we start the treatment by doing a smell test to see which one the client needs - aromatherapy works on the idea that you are drawn towards scents that your body needs.  We then apply the oil and the salt scrub - first on the client’s back, legs and arms, and then on their front as well.  At the end of the treatment the client showers off the salt without applying any extra moisturisers or using any soaps to make sure the oils stay on the skin.  It’s so simple but so effective - that’s what makes it popular!

Where does it come from?

The scrub is from Elemis, but the oils are specific to The Montcalm - the scents have been carefully selected and are really important to the treatment.  We have developed the treatment from client feedback and using a fusion of ideas from the Elemis and Ytsara product ranges that we work with - Elemis being a very British brand, and Ytsara using Thai techniques.

What is it supposed to do?

We tailor the treatment to the individual through the choice of oils that we use - they are detoxifying, rejuvenating or reharmonising.  The scrub itself is very good for detox, cleansing and removing dead skin cells; it smooths the skin and moisturises it as well so you don’t need to add extra creams and oils afterwards.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

We have condensed it down to half an hour which makes it really appropriate for a city spa - it isn’t a messy treatment, so if you don’t have a lot of time you can always pop in and still get that little bit of pampering between appointments!

Is there anything you recommend clients do pre or post-treatment to get the most out of it?

Avoid going in the pool after the treatment otherwise you will lose the benefits of the oil - it is a good treatment to have at the end of your spa day.  Avoid soaps and detergents, and there is no need to add extra moisturisers afterwards either.  You can also extend the treatment to an hour by adding a half hour massage after the scrub, which makes it that little bit more relaxing and adds to the detox process.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatment for?

It’s great if you are going on holiday to prepare for a tan or a couple of weeks after you come back from a holiday in the sun to get rid of any flaky skin.  It’s generally very good for dry skin and gives a wonderful glow afterwards!  It is also a very good treatment for men - we often incorporate it into Valentine’s Day packages and as it is something men don’t often go for they are always surprised by how much they like it - partially because a lot of men don’t pay much attention to their skin, so they will really see a difference from the oils and scrub!

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have this treatment and why?

It isn’t suitable for anyone with serious skin condition including severe eczema and psoriasis.  During pregnancy it is best avoided because of the oils and similarly with anyone who has recently had a serious illness - although we can always adapt it by using an unscented carrier oil instead of aromatherapy ones.  Your skin will have the same benefits, but without the scent - if you are concerned, it is best to discuss it with a therapist beforehand.

What we thought …

Thanks to the diabolical weather earlier in the summer, to describe our skin as dry would be the understatement of the year … so pre beach holiday, the scrub was a particularly welcome treatment and we were particularly impressed with both its simplicity, and long lasting aromatic effect!

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