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Why it works: Three Stones Ritual spa treatment

The brand new Heavenly Spa at The Westin London City is a luxury spa experience in a five-star hotel, so it’s fitting that its signature spa treatment is a decadent treat for the senses. The 90-minute Three Stones Ritual is a head-to-toe treat for pick-me-up pampering and meaningful self-care. Here they explain what it is and why it works.

The Westin spa treatment

What is the Three Stones Ritual spa treatment?

Despite what it sounds like, it’s not a hot stone massage. It’s a 90-minute spa treatment designed to melt away muscle tension and restore balance using a combination of massage and meditation.

What happens in the spa treatment?

It begins by inviting you to meditate on positive thoughts throughout the Heavenly Spa Signature Massage treatment.

We encourage this by giving you a choice of stones to hold onto, based on what you would like to think about during your treatment:

  • Something they are hoping for
  • Something they are grateful for
  • Someone they love

The stone(s) that you choose is then placed in the face cradle bowl enabling you to reflect on you positive thoughts.

A heated compress then invites back muscles to relax and ease before a Swedish massage leaves the client feeling physically rested and mentally uplifted.

At the end of the treatment you also get to take the stone home with you to remind you of your positive focus.

Where is it from?

The treatment is unique to The Westin, created for and by us, using white tea products with an aloe blend.

Who is the treatment best suited for?

One of the reasons this is our signature treatment is that it really offers something for everyone. It’s adaptable and because you get to choose the focus it works for different people with different wants and needs. In essence it’s perfect for anyone who needs to relax physically and mentally - which is probably most of us.

Is there anyone that the treatment isn’t suitable for?

As we can adapt the treatment to the individual we can usually accommodate any particular requirements. However, it’s very important to let us know in advance if you are pregnant or have any serious health problems that may mean we need to adapt or suggest an alternative therapy.

You can now experience the Three Stone Ritual on a Heavenly Spa Three Stones Massage Ritual spa day.


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