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Why it works: W London’s Glow and Go Facial

If you haven’t been to W London, you’re in for a treat. This place is stylish, sophisticated and just the right amount of quirky. In the heart of the action in central London, it’s somewhere for pampering, dressing up and going out. We spoke to W London’s Spa Manager Lucy and Spa Supervisor Amy who told us all about just the right facial for the occasion - the Glow and Go Treatment.

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What is the Glow and Go Treatment?

It’s a facial treatment that’s an hour and 15 minutes long. It’s an incredible, triple action therapy that includes an exfoliation, extraction and steam. It’s the longest facial we offer, it’s very hydrating and it’s suitable for all skin types.

What does the facial involve?

It starts with a nice deep double cleanse followed by a third, deeper cleanse using our pre-therapy mixture. Then we move onto a triple exfoliation, which is intense but doesn’t leave skin red afterwards, which it why it’s great before an event. Guests love it because it shows instant results but doesn’t leave you with any blotchiness. This is followed by a steam and extraction, which opens up the pores and removes any impurities or blackheads. We end with a facial massage using our post-therapy massage gel, which is cooling and calming on the skin.

Where does the Glow and Go facial come from?

It’s from Natura Bissé, a brand from Barcelona known for their high-end products. It’s their facial but then we’ve given it a ‘W twist’. We always like to be a bit different!

Who’s the facial recommended for?

It’s great for just about anyone because it can be adapted. So it’s suitable for young and mature skin. It’s great before a special occasion because it doesn’t result in any redness and your skin is left glowing straight afterwards. You can have it on the day of an event and you’re camera ready, where lots of other facials are recommended for a few days before events to let the skin settle.

Who’s it the treatment not suitable for?

It’s not recommended on highly sensitive skin or pregnancy, although we can adapt it for expectant mums. It’s also not recommended for anyone currently undergoing treatment for a serious illness, like cancer.

What would you recommend doing pre- or post-treatment to make the most of it?

It’s quite a good one because you can wear make-up straight afterwards - you’re ready to go. It’s always a good idea to use the sauna and steam beforehand to open up the pores and help you relax, and we always recommend coming in without your make-up on so that we can spend more time on the facial and less time removing make-up.


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