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Why it works … Thalgo Indocéane Spa Ritual

Wrapping you up in silk and taking you around the world, Stoke Park explains why their spa ritual from Thalgo is the ultimate in indulgent treatments for both men and women!

What exactly is the Thalgo Indocéane Spa Ritual?

It’s a one hour 55 minute treatment, so it‘s completely indulgent and really makes the spa experience complete - you totally unwind with that amount of time.  Your therapist will start off by doing a consultation while you are having an Egyptian Precious Milk Bath Foot Ritual - which hydrates and softens the skin.  This establishes what you want from the treatment and how it works, so it can be personalised.  You then have a full body exfoliation, which has Mediterranean influences so all the aromas are quite warming, before a quick shower, and then once back onto the treatment bed you have an Ayurvedic-inspired massage.  The final part is a Sublime Body Wrap, which harnesses the relaxing powers of the Orient.  It’s very indulgent with a beautiful cream that’s put onto the skin before you are wrapped in a silky wrap (rather than the usual plastic).  While you are all wrapped up you have an oriental scalp massage.  You don’t shower off the wrap at the end; any excess cream that hasn’t been absorbed is just massaged in.

Where does it come from?

It’s created by Thalgo and is designed like a journey with treatment elements from different parts of the world.

What is it supposed to do?

It is aimed at deep relaxation as well as body care - softening, hydrating and nourishing the skin, but it’s mostly a ritual based on relaxation.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

The foot ritual at the start of the treatment is something we have chosen to add in to really help people to settle into the treatment process and relax fully.  The silky wrap at the end is also unique to us.

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre or post-treatment to get the most out of it?

Use the steam room before the treatment, and afterwards it would be a shame to rush off so enjoy the deep relaxation room and let the benefits of the treatment take effect.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatment for?

It great for both men and women which is often hard to find.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have this treatment and why?

Anyone being treated for cancer, serious illnesses, and pregnant women are advised against it.

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