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15 years of spa

It's time to celebrate the world of wellbeing

This year marks a very special moment in time for us as we celebrate 15 years of, with our official birthday beginning on 20th March.

In many ways the world is a very different place from when we began, and in other ways challenges remain similar. Much like those early days, the economy around us is uncertain and many of us are struggling with our mental as well as physical wellbeing. However, in the spa world much has changed - we have been proud to be a part of that and to continue being a driving force for even better things to come.

How we've been changing the spa industry

When we started out, the spa industry was very much seen as a luxury only, almost exclusively the domain of women, and many people felt as though it was a world in which they didn't belong or that it wouldn't offer anything for them. Today it's wonderful to see spas being so much more inclusive, so much more accessible, and so widely embraced by so many as more people discover the benefits of everything from holistic therapies to time spent on self-care and away from the white noise of daily life.

Our work in that time has encompassed all aspects of inclusivity, including but not limited to:

  • Making it easier to arrange a spa break through more diverse booking options
  • Creating spa packages to suit individual preferences and occasions rather than simply booking a treatment
  • Joining forces with industry leaders to encourage spas to gain the qualifications to treat vulnerable clients, especially cancer patients.
  • Opening up the conversation around spas and wellbeing
  • Developing spa packages that offer a wide range of spa options in terms of price point and geographical spread
  • Showing that the spa industry has something for every body
  • Showing that the spa industry can make a meaningful difference to individual wellbeing

How we're celebrating 15 years of spa

To celebrate our 'birthday', we wanted to start by thanking those of you who have been part of our journey to date - travelling, engaging, working with us, booking with us, partnering with us and more. Every member of our community is of enormous value and we firmly consider this anniversary to be a shared celebration.

With that in mind, we are planning 15 days of special offers beginning on 20th March. Many of our partner spas have put together beautiful packages that embody every aspect of the spa experience, offering meaningful wellness support as well as joyful and positive experiences.

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The next 15: the future of the spa world

We firmly believe that spas have an important role to play in the nation's well being, showing that health can be fun and it can enhance our daily experiences. We want this year's birthday to be a celebration of everything that we are as an industry, and to show the best of what we offer. We know what a difference a spa experience can make to how we feel both mentally and physically, and now our sights are set on proving how we can make a meaningful difference to the nation's wellbeing by supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals across the UK. We hope you will join us for the next 15 years.

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