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Aromatherapy and autumn essential oils for wellbeing

We are drawn to different essential oils at different times of the year because our wants and wellbeing needs vary with the seasons. Many of us will be familiar with a sense of feeling low in the winter months with shorter days and cooler temperatures for example, Scent can have a powerful impact on that. The transitional seasons are particularly pertinent for the way we feel, in both good ways and those that are harder to manage sometimes. So which aromatherapy oils can help soothe the soul and navigate this time of year in a positive way…

Black pepper - a spicy autumn aromatherapy oil

Often used in skincare products for men, black pepper essential oils are warming and spicy, often credited with helping to improve circulation and easing muscle pain. It is also supposed to be good for helping with anxiety as well. Some also say that along with ylang-ylang, and ginger, black pepper oils can re-light the inner fire and bring passion back to a fading sex life or where loss of libido adds pressure to a relationship. 

Vanilla - autumn aromatherapy for positive vibes

From aphrodisiac to antidepressant, vanilla essential oils are superbly popular and positive.  A generally nice scent to have around the house, it is little wonder that it is so prevalent in candles, particularly when we begin to head towards Christmas time.  However, vanilla’s wellbeing benefits are wide reaching.  Most prominently, it has a sedative effect and is superbly relaxing, which is what this time of year is all about.

Cinnamon - aromatherapy to ease drowsiness

Cosy scents like cinnamon are perfect autumn aromatherapy. Not only are they reminiscent of the festive period to come, but they are also extremely soothing. Cinnamon is considered to be particularly beneficial for easing menstrual cramps, but it also has a variety of other practical benefits.  It’s used to reduce drowsiness and irritability, and in general to ease aches and pains, relaxing tight muscles and easing painful joints.  It’s also supposed to help with concentration, and to boost circulation - just what you need in the chilly weather.

Pine - autumn aromatherapy for an immunity boost

Pine essential oil has a number of health benefits, helping to reduce inflammation and protect against sinus infections. It can also help with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, although do consult a doctor before use.  It can generally help to boost the immune system as an autumn aromatherapy oil, particularly when blended with other complementary oils such as cedarwood, rosemary and sage.

Bergamot - aromatherapy to ease tension

Believed to have originated in South East Asia, bergamot is best known as a strain of plant from the Calabria region of Italy.  The citrus scent can be used as a quick pick-me-up autumn essential oil for minor depression, stress, and tension and is also used to treat fear and hysteria.


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