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Celebrating Cornwall Pride with a rainbow mud rasul at St Michael’s Resort

August is the time when Cornwall celebrates Pride, and in its wake St Michael’s Resort has embraced the celebratory spirit of fun, inclusivity and time together with an inspired rainbow mud rasul. Fun, flirty and encapsulating the sense of joy that Pride is known for, the rasul is a colourful feast for the senses best enjoyed with friends and partners. It’s also harmoniously attuned to the best thing about spa experiences as a whole - feeling good and having fun. Here’s what you need to know about the rainbow mud rasul at St Michael’s Resort…

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For those who don’t know, a rasul is a self administered mud cleansing treatment that takes place in a specially designed type of steam room.

They’re great for cleansing the skin, relaxing the muscles and are also perfect for those looking to spend time together. It’s a chance to experience a slightly different type of spa treatment, but also good for those who prefer a bit more privacy.

Working with the Natural Spa Factory, St Michael’s Resort has always made an effort to make their mud rasuls, themed by season (strawberries and cream muds in the summer, spiced rum at Christmas), but they wanted to do something to really celebrate Pride.

The rainbow rasul spa package therefore includes:

  • A rainbow rasul mud treatment
  • Three hours’ use of the hydrotherapy area
  • A rainbow sangria afterwards
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The rainbow mud rasul treatment

For the treatment itself, they have tried to include different colours in all the products and muds used, to represent a rainbow of scents.

You start with a green coloured green tea and coconut body scrub. Then once that’s showered off you go into the mud room. There’s a lavender to represent purple, citrus for yellows and oranges. A cherry mud, which is pink in colour and turns into a peel off face mask. Then there’s also green tea and jasmine hair therapy mud.

Once you have been in the steam for 20 minutes, the rain comes down to wash the mud off. Then it’s time to moisturise.

After the spa treatment

As we all like to think there’s gold at the end of a rainbow, the treatment finishes with a 23 carat gold body oil followed by a bowl of Skittles to nibble on so you can taste the rainbow.

When you’ve finished in the spa, retreat to the bar for your rainbow sangria. It includes white wine, orange juice, apple juice, ginger ale, a splash of brandy and a rainbow of fresh fruit.



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