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[ comfort zone ] introduces spa treatments for cancer patients

We interviewed Head of Global Communication and Education, Barbara Gavazzoli about [ comfort zone ]’s BEAUTY RELOADED initiative.

[ comfort zone ] is one of the most highly regarded skincare brands in the spa industry, as well as home wellbeing, known for their clinically tested and sustainable products for all skin types. Made-in-Italy, the brand has always been recognised for its forward-thinking mindset. Here, Director of Communication and Education, Barbara Gavazzoli, talks about their BEAUTY RELOADED initiative, creating spa treatments for those recovering from cancer.

What is Beauty Reloaded?

Back in March 2019 we joined forces with the leading charity organisation Wellness for Cancer’ to create two dedicated spa treatments, for guests visiting our salons and spas, requiring very specific and caring experiences.

Beauty Reloaded is a programme which provides treatments and rituals for guests going through or recovering from cancer, specifically designed to care for those who have undergone cancer-related surgery or medical care. [comfort zone] provide a dedicated Beauty Reloaded Facial and Pro Sleep body ritual / massage, both 55 minutes, with specifically chosen products to meet the different needs of the guests.

What do the treatments entail & how are they different to other treatments?

These experiences firstly treat the guest, ensuring they feel special, safe and cared for. Time is taken to enable the guest to detach from daily life and mindfully rebalance. The facial works to soothe, calm and recover the skin, delicately reinforcing the epidermal barrier that may be weakened after periods of intense stress. For the body, we have created a unique massage that encourages reduced heart rate, slow deep breathing and therefore reduces tense tight muscles, soothes nerve and decreases stress and anxiety The benefits of gentle touch and soft brushes to induce a deep feeling of relaxation, calm and wellbeing.

Why was it important for [ comfort zone ] to embrace this space?

At [ comfort zone ] we believe in the joy of beauty for everyone, at every age, and in every phase of life. We all have the right to care for ourselves and the way that we feel and look, and to assist those who need our support. Our Beauty Reloaded treatments offer a release from the stress and effects of cancer treatment, to provide a period of calm, wellbeing and support. Our guests will be nurtured on all levels; mind body and soul.

Being partnered with Wellness for Cancer; a charity organisation founded by Julie Bach, allows us to facilitate self-care and positive lifestyle choices for individuals who have been touched by cancer. The program also provides specific training for therapists on how to provide personalised care and adapt their protocols to individual guests when they have been through cancer-related care or surgery.

Julie Bach, Chair of Wellness for Cancer has said: “The name ‘Beauty Reloaded’ fully expresses [ comfort zone ]’s understanding that the skin is a mirror of one’s physical and emotional wellbeing, and at the same time recalls what Wellness for Cancer stands for. When someone goes through cancer treatment, the physical effects can be incredibly visible on the skin, but what’s worse is the damaging psychological effects on their own body perception and the sense of ‘lost beauty’. The industry’s mantra in the past was ‘we serve well people’ – a non-inclusive policy that has changed. Companies have now evolved to do what the wellness industry does best: help guests reduce stress, find inner peace and increase emotional resiliency.”

What makes the [ comfort zone ] products suitable for cancer patients?

In creating the program, our Education and R&D teams partnered with Wellness for Cancer and Dermatologist Dr. Maria Bucci to create this facial and body massage that will relax and destress the guest, improving their immunity and make them feel beautiful and at ease in their skin.

Stress can cause many issues for the skin; extreme dryness, blemishes, itching, redness or sensitivity, not to mention the effects it can have on our ability to rest. Our gentle, fragrance-free, vegan formulas used in the treatments are enriched with prebiotics and nourishing, natural-origin ingredients that work to restore and calm skin that’s experiencing irritation.

How did you go about creating your oncology treatments?

Wellness for Cancer partners with Cancer Centres and Oncology Specialists to ensure an evidence-based approach to treatments. Working with them, we’re able to customise our wellness services and offer professional education. Medical care is key to recuperate good health and alongside professional spa care, can be a support in recovering serenity, energy and a revived glow.

[ comfort zone ] offers a certified, professional programme to our therapists to prepare and equip them with the specific theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to welcome and make these special guests feel cared for and at ease in their skin. The class is dedicated to expert therapists and can be considered an introduction to a life-long educational path on this subject.

Where are the Beauty Reloaded treatments launching?

[ comfort zone ] will be launching Beauty Reloaded treatments at Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa in Surrey and South Lodge hotel in West Sussex in 2023. The treatments are also already available in a number of sites across the UK, including Rockliffe Hall and Handpicked Hotels.

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