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Don't be a hero; real men relax launches their men's wellness campaign showing that everybody from local lads and sports stars need time out.

Today at we are officially launching our Real Men Relax campaign, featuring local heroes from across the country who star alongside leading Gallagher Premiership rugby players. The initiative is in line with Men’s Health Week, to highlight the benefits of spa to men of all trades and backgrounds. Our local 'real men' include:

  • Fisherman, David Wright from Scarborough
  • Farmer, Sam James from Gloucester
  • Electrician, David Marriott from Nottingham
  • And Kent carpenter, Alan Ring

They appear alongside:

  • Former England rugby international, Delon Armitage
  • Gallagher Premiership top try scorer, Cadan Murley,
  • Sale Sharks winger, Sam James,
  • London Irish back row, Tom Pearson
  • Gloucester players Harry Elrington and James Purdy

The driving force behind the campaign are the proven benefits of spa treatments and experiences on physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing whilst shining a spotlight on remaining stigma around men accessing spas as a point of regular, independent wellbeing. The campaign also builds on a recent report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty and Wellbeing (APPG), which suggests that the use of spa and associated complementary theories could significantly support the NHS and reduce doctor visits by up to 37%.

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Read what founder, Abi Selby, has to say about men's wellness|Find out more

What our 'real men' say about spas

Cadan Murley, who scored 18 tries for Harlequins this season, making him the league’s top scorer:

“Pace and strength are focal points of my game and I need to be able to fully recover quickly in order for me to be able to maximise my performance on the pitch. Spa days are pivotal to my conditioning where I use a wide range of massage, steam, plunge baths and more to recover. It’s a hugely important part of my routine.”

Former England winger, Delon Armitage:

“Throughout my career I would regularly use the spa as a form of relaxation and recovery. I often used cold plunge pools and would get regular massages as part of recovery or a rehabilitation program. Now retired, I still use spa as a form of relaxation within my daily life.”

English rugby union player for London Irish, Tom Pearson:

“It’s been a long season and it’s now time to relax and recover ahead of a busy summer. Recovery is hugely important to my routine and I use massage and the spa to support with that both mentally and physically.”

English rugby union footballer, currently playing for Bristol Bears, Henry Purdy:

“I regularly get messages and use the spa as part of my training and recovery. It helps me relax and recover between games and if I have an injury or a slight niggle it's great for rehabilitation.”

England rugby union player, currently playing for Gloucester, Harry Elrington:

"It's great to be able to escape and have a massage or visit the spa. It’s a place to unwind and recover for me and I use it regularly through both the season and off season."

David Wright runs Crusader Fishing Trips in Scarborough offering deep sea, tope and wreck angling:

“Being a fisherman is a tough trade. From the often early mornings, to cold winter weather out at sea it can be brutal. It’s my job and my hobby but the thought of sitting in a steam room, jacuzzi or having a massage certainly puts a smile on my face when conditions are at their worst. If only all fishing trips could end with a relaxing spa!”

Electrician, David Marriott, works for Electrix Solutions in Nottingham:

“Sometimes even us electricians need to recharge after a long week's work and I'm sold on the benefits of a spa. A steam, sauna, swim and massage, what's not to like? I think more men should hit the spa to relax and recharge after a long working week.”

Farmer, Seb Green, works for Coombe Lodge & Langford Court Estate:

“It’s a long day on the farm, I see the sunrise and sunset every day of the week so it’s not for the faint hearted. Trying to fit a massage into my day is hard but I see and feel the benefits so where possible, I try to squeeze them in. The spa for me is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the farm."

Alan Ring, works for Rochester based BB Contracts who specialise in carpentry and construction:

“Being a carpenter requires a lot of mental focus as it’s often very detailed work. Massages, steam rooms and the spa in general is a great way to unwind and refocus after a hard day's work.”

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