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Five ways pumpkins can boost your wellbeing

From nutrition to skincare, here are five ways pumpkins can boost your wellbeing, showing they're all treat and no trick.

The humble pumpkin has become one of the most popular motifs for Halloween, but while it morphs into ghoulish doorstep lanterns for All Hallow's Eve, this seasonal squash is actually something of a superhero when it comes to wellness. From nutrition to skincare, here are five ways pumpkins can boost your wellbeing, showing they're all treat and no trick.

Immune-boosting pumpkin nutrition

Perhaps one of the nicest ways pumpkins can boost our wellbeing in the chilly winter months, is in the form of an immune-boosting bowl of pumpkin soup. Low calorie and high in nutrients, they're packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In a soup they are also deliciously warming and filling - just what you need in the winter months. They're also meant to be great for your eyesight.

pumpkin soup
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Skin-boosting pumpkin benefits

The beauty benefits of pumpkins range from their vitamin content to their enzymes. Vitamins A and C help prevent free-radical damage and boost collagen production and essential fatty acids are good for hydration. Pumpkin also contains selenium, which helps fight damage caused by oxidative stress, which contributes to wrinkles. One of the most popular uses for pumpkin in spa treatments however, is in skincare because of their fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, which help increase cell turnover to brighten and smooth the skin. It's for that reason it features in the ESPA Advanced Enzyme Facial.

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Stress busting pumpkin seeds

We all suffer from stress, perhaps even mores as we head into the darker days of the winter months. It's said that consuming potassium-rich foods, including pumpkin seeds may help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. In addition, they are an excellent source of zinc, which has shown signs of boosting our mood in some studies, and is essential for brain and nerve development.

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Pumpkin for hair health

Some research indicates that consuming pumpkins may contribute to hair health and hair growth due to their Biotin (B-7) content. The potassium and zinc minerals are also thought to be a contributor to hair health and encouraging collagen production, which stimulates hair follicles.

Overall wellbeing benefits of pumpkin

Overall, pumpkin is considered to have a positive impact on our wellbeing thanks to its rich vitamin and mineral content. In particular, the potassium, vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants are thought to be key for heart health.

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